11 Amazing Alternative Ways to Wear Apple Watch

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Can you wear your Apple Watch in another way apart from wearing it on your wrist? If you love your Apple Watch or want to make a fashion statement, there are numerous other ways to wear the Apple Watch.

As we know that many readers of our blog are passionate about their Apple Watch, we thought we would come up with some smart alternatives to wearing your Apple Watch on your wrist. 

Let’s jump straight into it and start exploring alternative ways in which you can wear and show off your Apple Watch. There is no denying it. Apple Watch looks trendy and stylish. 

The Best Alternative Ways to Wear Apple Watch

There is no right or wrong way regarding how you want to wear your Apple Watch. Apple users always come up with all sorts of creative ideas. 

Wearing Apple Watch As a Necklace

There is a certain aesthetic beauty about Apple Watch. It looks sleek and smart. But, to be honest, Apple Watch does make the perfect around-the-neck fashion accessory. Add a good quality chain, and you instantly have a nice-looking modern pendant. 

If you want to get more creative and show off your Apple Watch, you can add small charms or even a bit of bling. How about making a personal statement by adding your star sign to a locket? 

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Wearing Your Apple Watch As a Locket or Pocket Watch

In the past, gentlemen used to pride themselves on pocket watches. Today, pocket watches are a thing of the past. It is hard to walk into a jewelry store and buy a classic watch. 

But, there is no reason why you can’t turn your Apple Watch into a modern-day pocket watch. First, you can buy unique lockets that protect your Apple Watch from scratching. Then, all you need to complete the picture is a stylish chain. Almost instantly, you are the modern gentleman with a pocket watch again. 

Can I Put My Apple Watch on My Ankle? 

Occasionally, you may find that wearing your Apple Watch on your wrist is not a good idea. If so, you can choose to wear your Apple Watch on your ankle. 

The standard strap with Apple Watches is not likely to fit on your ankle. If you like to wear your watch this way, buying a unique strap is better. There are numerous brands around, but one of the best is called Ankle Brands. The brand has a range of straps specifically designed for the Apple Watch and other fitness watches. You can also buy an ankle band adapter.

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Wearing Your Apple Watch As a Scarf

Fancy wearing your watch French Style? That is what I call it when you add a scarf or bandana. If you like to go “tres chic” with your tracker, you need to buy a scarf. Although you can buy cotton material scarves, it may not be such a good option. Cotton scarves are often much thicker. Fitting a cotton scarf to your tracker may be more difficult. 

It is best to go for a silk scarf. However, that does not mean you must invest in a Hermes scarf. You can get some fabulous scarves on Amazon. Also, try Etsy, it is packed with hand-painted silk scarves. 

If you don’t want to use a scarf, you could try using a man’s tie. A slimline tie would look great. 

Can I Wear My Watch Underneath My Wrist? 

Yes, you can. Many fitness tracker users with tattoos on the upper part of their wrists wear their watches this way. 

Tattoo inks contain certain elements that can interfere with the way your smartwatch or Apple Watch works. For example, they affect the sensor and can give inaccurate readings. 

Wearing your device underneath your wrist is also a good idea when participating in certain sports. 

Reversing Bands on Apple Watch

Can I reverse the bands? Yes, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t reverse the bands. 

If you want to do this, hold down the small button on the back of your Apple Watch. Then, gently slide the wristband out of its slot. Next, re-fit the band in the other slot. It is a little bit fiddly to do. But, take your time, and you will find this is a great way to wear your tracker. 

Can I Wear the Watch Upside Down? 

Not everybody finds it easy to scroll using the Digital Crown with their index finger. If that is you, a good alternative is to wear your Apple Watch upside down. Does this interfere with the way it works? 

Wearing your watch upside down does not interfere with it at all. Many prefer wearing their watch this way. If you have a small wrist and the Digital Crown constantly hits the back of your hand when you bend it, wearing your Apple Watch upside down is probably more comfortable for you. This is a comfortable way to wear the Apple Watch when you like the odd yoga pose or two. However, the Digital Crown can annoy you when trying to do Downward Dog.

Apple has thought about this as you can change the screen’s orientation on your watch. 

This is how you change the orientation of the face of your watch: 

1)The first step is opening the Apple Watch’s Settings.

2) Go to general and then to Watch Orientation and change the side of the Digital Crown. 

Try it, and you will find it makes it easier to use your thumb to manipulate the Digital Crown. 

Medical Skin Adhesive Patches

You can wear your watch on almost any body part using medical skin adhesive patches. One of the main benefits of wearing your watch using a medical patch is that it is less likely to get scratched. 

A medical adhesive patch can also help to protect your watch during extreme weather. Cold weather can affect the operation of any smartwatch. If you are going on a winter adventure or participating in extreme sports, with the help of a medical skin adhesive patch, you can wear your watch underneath your clothing. 

A good place to wear it would be on your underarm, towards your upper arm. Worn in this way, Apple’s Photoplethysmography continues to monitor potential blood flow. As a result, wrist placement is not always a must when you wear the Apple Watch.

Wearing It As A Bag Fob

Can you use Apple Watch as a bag fob? Yes, you can, but you must ensure it is securely fastened. 

Your bag is also likely to be more “exposed.” Your watch is at risk of being scratched or damaged if you are in a crowd or on public transport. If you want to use your watch this way, you should invest in a protective cover or maybe even a pocket watch case.

Shop around, and you should be able to pick up a bag fob for your Apple Watch. Before you start using your watch or any piece of jewelry in this way, make sure the use is covered by insurance. A few insurance policies state all jewelry, including watches, has to be worn on your person. It is best to be aware of this. 

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Making Your Own Wrist Band

Of course, you can make up your own wristband. Having your own band is easier than you may think. If you are not “arty” or good with crafts, you can buy personalized bands made for the Apple Watch. 

Perhaps the best platform to check out is Etsy. The platform is packed with some very talented people making fabulous, unique jewelry and watch straps. Not all hand-crafted watch straps are super expensive. When you shop around, you can find very reasonably priced ones. 

The alternative is to make your own. You can buy watch strap-making kits on Amazon. Then, when you want to get creative, you could have a go at weaving your own band. Pinterest is packed with videos showing you how to do easy weaving. 

Macramé is back in fashion. It is the art of tying knots to make an object. There is no reason why you can’t try making a watch band or strap using the technique. 

Which Is the Best Way to Wear Apple Watch?

Do we think one way of wearing your Apple Watch is better than another? The way you wear a watch is often very personal. 

Most of us probably like to wear our fitness trackers where we can easily see them. So yes, you can wear it on your bag almost as a bag charm, but you do have to be careful. You would not want anyone to steal your Apple Watch. The pocket watch idea is excellent when you don’t like wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist. 

All you have to do when you would like to use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker is to put the band on. Then you are good to go to the gym. When you finish your gym session, put the watch back on the chain and get your pocket watch back. 

Final Thoughts on Alternative Ways to Wear Your Tracker

We often forget to explore the possibilities of how we wear our watches. Smartwatches are just as versatile as other watches. There is no reason why you should not explore alternative ways of wearing your Apple Watch or another smartwatch brand. The possibilities are more or less endless.