Apple Watch Band Warranty [Ultimate Guide]

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The Apple Watch is more than a smartwatch. It becomes an extension of our phones for most of us, and the band represents our style, political or gender values.

With so many bands available, the choices are virtually unlimited, as is their price. For example, some limited edition Hermes bands will cost you close to $1,000. So even if Reuters revealed that the cost to produce a retail price of $49 band was only $2.05, you will pay the full price as an Apple Watch user. 

It is only natural to wonder if the warranty covers an Apple Watch Band. This article will give you the answer which may seem a bit ambiguous: Yes, but not always, it depends…

We do not want to keep you wondering what the if are. Ready? Let’s dive into the not-so-clear universe of the Apple Watch Band Warranty.

What Does Limited One Year Warranty Mean?

According to the Apple website: “The Apple Watch band is covered by Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship; however, this warranty does not cover damage caused by accident.

Apple provide a page on which you can check by entering the serial number that your Apple Watch is still covered under the one-year warranty period. The problem is that the Apple Watch Band is an accessory and does always not come with an easily identifiable serial number. Some users reported that even Genuine Apple Watch bands did not have a serial number. The ones that did were printed so small that they were nearly impossible to read.

Your best strategy is to keep the invoice or other proof of purchase.

If you have an issue with your Smart Watch band, the best strategy is to contact Apple Support. They will proceed to the necessary checks and determine if the warranty covers the watch band.

Does Apple Care Cover Apple Watch Bands?

As we mentioned, any Apple Watch will come with a one-year limited warranty. Still, if you are the lucky owner of an Apple Watch Hermès or an Apple Watch Edition from Apple, the warranty will be covered for free under the Apple Care free, extending the warranty up to two years.

If you run into trouble with your watch or band, call 1-800-APL-CARE to get the device serviced.

You can extend the warranty period up to two years for an additional fee. Remember that the Apple Care+ will cover technical issues but that the bands are excluded from this warranty period extension. 

It makes a lot of sense as each incident covered by Apple Care + will be subject to a $69 service fee. When considering that the average price of a band is in the range of $50, it does not make sense to pay extra to cover a band that could be replaced for less than the cost of the service fee.

If you are only interested in protecting the band, the Apple Limited Warranty is your best bet. However, keep in mind that the warranty is “Limited,” so do not even try to call Apple Warranty Service if your dog chewed on the band.

What About Third-Party Bands? Are They Covered as Well?

One of the benefits of the Apple Watch is that it allows access to a broad ecosystem of third-party manufacturers that will vastly expand the potential choices of bands.

The third-party bands are, by definition, manufactured by companies external to Apple, and Apple Limited Warranty will not cover them. Therefore, when buying such accessories, make sure to check the specific conditions that cover them.

Does Swapping Band Void Warranty?

Do not believe the rumors. Apple bands have been specifically designed to be interchangeable. Some people used to say that swapping bands will void the warranty because of the metal pieces they contain and are designed to clip to the watch. This is just a rumor. Don’t worry, if your thing is to change the band a lot for the Apple Watch to match your outfits, do not worry about the warranty but just about style.

To Wrap Up

The bands of the Apple Watches can benefit from Apple one year Limited Warranty but only when related to manufacturing defects. Therefore, we recommend that you take as much care with the Apple Watch bands as you do with the device itself.

Especially if you swim or take a shower with your watch, do not forget to rinse both the band and the Apple Watch with clear water. Over time sweat can also damage the bands, so do not forget to use a non-aggressive cleaner regularly. This way, you will keep the band and the Apple Watch clean and will not have to worry about the warranty.