Apple Watch Charger Hack Busted!

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Various Apple Watch charger hacks are flying around the Internet. Do they work? When you are the owner of a smartwatch, there has probably been an occasion when you wished it could be charged more easily…especially considering the one-day max battery life of the Apple Watch Series 7.  

The most common Apple Watch charger hack is that your smartwatch has a mysterious port on the concave side that you can use. Is it an urban myth, or is it true? 

Let’s take a closer look at this hot topic and explore a few ways of charging the Apple Watch without a charger. You can search online, and other ways to charge Apple Watch may pop up. Just make sure you do your research before you act on them.

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Using Your iPhone

Can you charge your Apple smartwatch using your iPhone? This was one of the first myths about the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the answer is that your Apple Watch can’t be charged using your iPhone. 

There is no way for your iPhone or any other phone to transmit power to your Apple Watch. 

What About the Mysterious Hidden Port? 

When you remove the bottom band on the Apple Watch, you will discover a “mysterious” hidden port. 

This port is not mentioned in any of the literature from the company. Therefore it seems that many myths have sprung up around it. A few tech websites claimed it could be used for charging your Apple Watch. People tamper with it, and this is probably not the idea.

As it is not mentioned in any literature or information from Apple, it is best not to use it for charging. Doing so could, in a worst-case scenario, invalidate your warranty from the company. 

In all likelihood, this mysterious port is a diagnostic or a USB port used when your Apple Watch was going through production. Here’s a video with more details.

Can You Charge an Apple Watch Without a Charger? 

At this stage, you need a charger to top up the battery on your Apple Watch. That is apart from Apple Watch Series 7, for which a magnetic charger is available. 

Does magnetic charging work? It certainly does. Apart from not having to fiddle around with a charging cable, it has many advantages.

More than likely, we will soon see more tech gear with a magnetic charger capability but not supplied with a traditional cable.

What are the Advantages of Magnetic Charging Cable?

Compared to other forms of charging, magnetic charging is faster. For example, it only takes 45 minutes to charge the Apple Watch Series 7 battery up to 80%.

Other advantages of magnetic charging include: 

  • Better protection from components. You don’t have to worry about dust and water damaging your phone’s charging port. Dust can easily cause electrical hazards.
  • It makes it safer to use your watch. If you have ever driven down the road while trying to plug in something, you know how distracting it is to drive in this way. At one point or another, you need to take your eyes off the road. 
  • Many seniors and those with coordination issues find plugging in cables challenging.

How Do I Know that My Apple Watch Needs Charging? 

When your Apple Watch displays a red lightning bolt, your device should be ready to charge. Make sure it stays connected for the entire charging period until the battery is fully charged.

But, before you plug it in, make sure that you check the amount of juice left in the battery. In a perfect world, you should have less than 10% battery left in your Apple Watch

Why does a lower level of charge matter? If you charge Apple Watch when the battery level is high or do a “just-in-case” charge, you are likely to program in memory into your battery. 

In the long run, this means your battery life will not last as long. Remember that Apple Watches batteries are given for up to 1,000 charging cycles.

In addition, once you have programmed in the memory, the amount of “juice” you can add to the battery with each charge reduces. Overcharging can also create problems with data.

That means you end up charging your smartwatch often, which in turn means the lifetime of your battery is seriously reduced. 

Easy to Carry Apple Watch Chargers Are Great

When you always want to be ready to go, it is a good idea to invest in a portable charger. This charger lets you charge your Apple Watch when you are on the move. 

Portable chargers store power and release it as you plug in your equipment. So when you are out and about participating in a competition, hiking, or even driving through the Australian outback, a portable charger is a good way of charging mobile gadgets. Just make sure it works and can connect with your watch or laptop.

A great place to buy them is on Amazon. So let’s take a look and see what is available on Amazon.

Best Portable Ideas for Charging

The Newdery is an excellent example of a lightweight charger that is super easy to pack. You can put it in your pocket. It looks like it would also easily fit on a keyring or strap.

It takes the Newdery charger 2–3 hours to charge your Apple Watch. If you want to keep this portable charger in your bag, buying a small storage bag is a good idea. Smaller chargers are easy to lose – especially in a suitcase or lady’s handbag. 

Newdery Charger for Apple Watch
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The Newdery charger comes in a range of colors and looks neat—an excellent choice charger for small conductive charging. For less than $10, it isn’t easy to make a better deal.

Mtuyeli Charger for Apple Watch and Air Pod
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Mtuyeli is another manufacturer offering portable chargers. The charger we found not only charges your Apple Watch but also acts as a charging station for your AirPods. In addition, it offers both wireless and regular charging options.

You only have to worry about plugging in one USB connection. Neat and tidy, it is one of the best chargers for Apple Watches we found available on Amazon. This USB charger comes with a charging cable suitable for a six-pin port.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We always tell our readers to look after their devices. So don’t be tempted to try any hacks that may invalidate the warranty of your Apple Watch.
When it comes to warranty claims, most tech companies are savvy and have smart diagnostics in place. It is best to follow the instructions in the manual and only use charging options that work with your series Apple Watch or other smartwatches. DIY options can work out expensive. Replacing devices at your own expense is not cheap.