Apple Watch Messages Not Syncing: Do This

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Are your Apple Watch messages not syncing? The first thing to do is check that your iPhone is synced with the Apple Watch. That is the first step. However, let’s go into more detail for you. 

What To Do When Your Apple Watch Messages Are Not Syncing

When your Apple Watch and iPhone don’t sync, it can make you wonder if wearable technology is worth it. 

Even though wearable technology is frustrating from time to time, it is still a must-have. Fortunately, the issue has several simple fixes. 

Why Are My iPhone Messages Not Showing Up On My Apple Watch? 

Most of the fixes are easy. The first thing you should check is your Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection needs to be on for your iPhone messages to appear on your Apple Watch.

Remember that this works both ways. It is easy to check your Bluetooth connection on your Apple Watch. What you should do is check both your devices. If your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection has dropped, it is not syncing with your Apple Watch. 

Yes, it is a bit time-consuming, but you need to check the Bluetooth connection on both devices to ensure they are both on.

Is Your Apple Watch Unlocked? 

Another common is forgetting to unlock your Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch has a passcode, it is essential to unlocking it before you try to check your messages or notifications. 

You would have thought Apple’s development team would have made sure that you would not have to unlock your Apple Watch for it to stay current with messages. However, when you read about Apple Watch messages not syncing in forums, you realize this is a common problem. 

From what we understand, this is something Apple is working on. If your Apple Watch is locked, you must put in your passcode to get your messages. 

Did You Forget To Switch Off Do Not Disturb

When you have just come out of a meeting and are trying to access your messages, and they are not there, you need to check the Do Not Disturb function. 

Most of us set our smart devices to the Do Not Disturb setting when we go into a meeting. 

For example, setting your Apple Watch to Do Not Disturb is easy to do. But, it is also easy to forget that you have done so. 

When you return to your desk, check that you have switched off the Do Not Disturb function. Your iPhone should now automatically sync with your Apple Watch. It will take a few seconds, but your messages and other notifications should come through. 

What About Airplane Mode? 

When the airplane mode is activated on your iPhone and Apple Watch, it stops both devices from transmitting any data. As a result, they simply can’t communicate with each other. 

Of course, it is essential you set the Airplane mode when you are traveling by plane. The downside is that it is so easy to forget to switch it off. I have lost count of how many times I have forgotten to switch it off when I get off a flight. 

The airplane icon on your Apple Watch and iPhone shows when the Airplane mode is switched on. 

It does take a little bit of time for the devices to sync. In particular, this is a problem if you have traveled through several time zones. As a result, you may have to sync your devices again. But, before doing that, check that your devices show the same time zone. 

When the correct time zone is not displayed, it would appear that Apple Watch, along with all other wearable techs, has a problem when it comes to syncing with the primary device. 

If the correct time zone does not show, restart your devices, and they should pick it up. 

This is the kind of crazy topic you talk to other passengers about when you travel a lot. 

Is Your Wi-Fi On? 

Your iPhone and Apple Watch also communicate on the same local network. 

Once again, you need to check the Wi-Fi connection on both devices. They need to be on the same local network. 

Is Mirroring On? 

Your Apple Watch has what is known as a mirror feature. That means your watch should mirror everything that is happening on your phone. 

Your iPhone controls this function. Open the Watch app and scroll down to messages. On the following screen, tap Mirror My iPhone. 

You Need to Reset Your Connection

Still not working? If so, you need to reset your connection. This does not mean you lose any data. It simply means you reset the connection between the two devices. 

You need to switch off both devices and turn them back on again. The best idea is to give it a few minutes and then turn both devices on again. 

Let’s Reset Sync Data

Occasionally, too much data may block your browser file or data. 

When that happens, you should clear your data cache on your Apple Watch. You can do this from your iPhone. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea to do this from time to time to avoid any problems. 

Can I Unpair My Two Devices? 

On Apple Watch, this is a drastic step to take. The problem is that it deletes all of the data from your wearable device. 

You then have to start from scratch—the process takes a few minutes. By the end of it, you need to start from scratch again. In a perfect world, you should never have to do this.

But, as the world is imperfect, performing this operation means you have lost all your data on your Apple Watch. 

Final Thoughts

Before unpair your devices, contacting Apple Support is a good idea. They may have an unexpected solution. Unfortunately, what they say seems to vary depending on what model you own. 

Perhaps, Apple Support knows more about Apple Watch messages not syncing than they would like to let on.