Apple Watch Not Downloading Music [easy Fix]

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Has your Apple Watch stopped downloading music? An Apple Watch not downloading music is an error that can occur from time to time. It is frustrating and annoying when this happens. 

Let’s find out why your Apple Watch has stopped downloading songs and how you can fix it. 

Music and Your Apple Watch

In the eyes of many Apple Watch users, Apple Music is the perfect match when they are willing to listen to music offline. Listening to your favorite Apple Music Playlist song on the go is a great experience.

Not only can you download songs for offline listening, but you can also listen to podcasts and your favorite Apple Music tracks. But, when things stop working, things quickly become frustrating. 

Let’s go through a few troubleshooting fixes, and you’ll soon be up and running. 

Can I listen to other music streaming services on my Apple Watch?

Not all users know that other music streaming services such as SpotifyDeezer, and Pandora are available on the Apple Watch. Best of all, you don’t always need to pay for a premium account, even though offline listening will often require a dedicated subscription.

You don’t need your phone when you download tunes and podcasts to your Apple Watch. Perfect for when you want to listen to music or listen to someone reading before you go to sleep. 

You can’t download content and synchronize your playlists if you have not registered for a premium account. This could be one of the problems. When you don’t want to use your iPhone, make sure you have a Premium account. Otherwise, you will need your iPhone nearby in case you use an Apple Watch GPS or will have to rely on your Apple Watch Cellular data plan, which may cost you a lot more than a premium account subscription. 

Do I Have Enough Storage Space? 

Yes, you have enough storage space on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is very generous when it comes to storing music and other downloads. The maximum amount of music saved on an Apple Watch is 8GB. This is because the amount of music that can be put on the watch is typically limited to 24% of the total capacity available.

Why Can’t I Play My Spotify Songs Without My iPhone? 

There are several reasons. But, the most common one is that you may have a problem with the available network. It could also be a glitch in the software, but this is less common. Try to see if you can analyze the problem. Common case scenarios include: 

  • The lack of controls is a sign. This includes problems with fast forward, skipping, and playing music on your Apple Watch. 
  • Music is not streaming to your headphones. This applies to Premium Spotify members.
  • Spotify is not connecting. 
  • Problems with your Internet connection

Things do go wrong, but fortunately, there are many easy fixes you can try. 

Check out our easy Spotify and Apple Watch fixes you can try:

  • Make sure your apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi. This is perhaps one of the most common problems. If you have several Wi-Fi connections, you want to ensure your watch uses the right one. Many gyms now offer free Wi-Fi connections. If you get to the gym and your Apple Watch is not picking up a connection, you may have to switch to the right one for the gym. 
  • Your iPhone and Apple Watch must be on the same Wi-Fi connection if you use a free account.
  • Is Your Apple Watch Bluetooth connection on? If it is not on your iPhone, chances are that your headphones are not connected. Your Bluetooth needs to be connected for your Spotify app to work. Turning on Bluetooth on your Apple Watch is done from the front screen. Simply swipe up from the bottom and ensure the network icon is blue. Also, double-check your iPhone, making sure the connection is enabled. From Settings, go to Bluetooth.
  • Close the Spotify app on your Apple Watch. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then restart it. Another way to force the App to quit if it won’t is to hold down the button on Apple Watch. Once the show-down screen appears. Once it appears, hold down the Digital Crown button until the App has closed down. 
  • Always leave the App closed for a few minutes and then restart it. This is a fast way of clearing out any glitches and starting afresh. 
  • Restart your Apple watch. This is great when you have other open apps that may interfere with the Spotify app. After a few minutes, restart the watch and see if it has helped. Another great way to clear out unexplained glitches.
  • Check your updates. When was the last time you checked for updates for your Apple Watch and Spotify? Not checking for updates is so easy to forget. We always assume all apps and software programs update automatically. Once you have completed your updates, resync your Apple Watch. 
  • Delete and reinstall the Spotify app on your Apple Watch. Many users suggest you restart your Apple Watch before you reinstall your Spotify. It could be another trick to clear up common unspecified issues. 
  • Think about resetting your network settings on your iPhone. It takes slightly longer but is worth it when you have unexplained problems. This option will clear your network settings, including the Apple Watch, headphones, and other Bluetooth devices you may have connected. 
  • You can also make an appointment with a Genius Bar team member. When it comes to problems that are not easy to explain, a member of the Genius Bar team can have you back listening to your favorite Spotify songs or podcasts in no time. 

What about Apple Music, Deezer, and Pandora? 

Each music streaming service comes with some specificities meaning that the issues for the Apple Watch not being able to download music can be different.

Do not hesitate to contact the specific support of your music providers. Then, you can be confident that if you are experiencing an issue, you are certainly not the only one, and the tech support may have a simple tip for fixing the issue.

Below, you will find the links to the support of the most famous music providers:


Spotify and Apple Music have a lot in common. So if you notice problems with Apple Music, follow the exact instructions for Spotify. After all, Apple Music is just another app running on your Apple Watch, and the solutions should be pretty much the same.