Apple watch not registering standing [Easy Fix]

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Are you having a problem with your Apple Watch not registering properly? To many, it may not be such a big deal, but it does matter for those who are keeping an eye on our activity rings. Fixing and troubleshooting this problem with your Apple Watch is not very difficult. Many users reported such issues on Apple’s Forum.

Let’s find out how you can fix this problem with your watch and your goal.

Why Does My Apple Watch Not Register Standing? 

There are various reasons why your Apple Watch does not register that you are standing. However, before we start discussing how to fix this Apple Watch fitness tracking problem, it is important to understand why it may be happening. It may even have something to do with your standing position.

  • How long are you standing for? If you stand for less than one minute, your watch will not recognize that you are standing. When you only stand up for about 20 seconds, your watch does not get the chance to register that you are standing. 

  • Your Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to track your movements. This means that if you stand in one position for a minute without moving your arms, the watch will not know you are standing. So when you stand, it is best to move your arms a little. That way, your watch registers that you are standing up. 

  • When was the last time you updated your Apple Watch? As all users of fitness tracking gear know, it is important to ensure you install all of the latest updates for your device to work well. 

  • Perhaps your Apple Watch needs calibrating? This is really easy to do. Open up the Workout app, tap Outdoor Walk, and take yourself out for a walk for at least 20 minutes. This is an easy method of calibrating your watch. It is a popular trick that many Apple Watch users have used over the years. It is the fastest way to calibrate your Apple Watch. 

Understanding Apple Watch and Stand Hours

When your Apple Watch does not track your standing hours, it is often for one of the reasons we have mentioned above. But, there are other troubleshooting tips you can try as well. 

Here is a quick troubleshooting tip guide:

  • Have you checked if your Apple Watch is tracking your steps? When the watch is not tracking your steps, other functions may also be experiencing problems. 

  • Is your watch connected to your wrist? Your Apple Watch should not be too tight against your wrist. At the same time, your watch should not fit too loosely. The best way to describe the correct watch fit is “snug.” That is when wrist detection works best. 

  • Have you turned on wrist detection? If you haven’t, you should do so. Open the Apple Watch app on your phone, tap the passcode, and go to wrist detection. Toggle to the ON position if it is not toggled already. 

  • Check whether fitness tracking is enabled in your iPhone settings. It is simple to do. First, select Settings>Privacy>Motion and Fitness and then toggle the position to on. 

  • Is your Apple Watch unlocked correctly? If it is not, you could have a problem. At the start of the day, make sure your watch is unlocked. When your watch is not unlocked, it is not registering standby hours and steps. 

  • Try to restart your Apple Watch. A restart can fix many issues, just like your other electronic devices. For example, restart your watch by turning it off and back on again.

  • Resetting calibration is another fix you can try. Open up the watch app on your phone and start by tapping My Watch. After that, tap Privacy, followed by Reset Calibration Data. 

  • Another easy fix is to unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Resyncing takes time but can fix minor niggling issues with the watch and watch app.

How Long Do I Need to Wait for Apple Watch Tracking to Start?

Okay, how to use stand hours correctly is something Apple does not make very clear. As with other fitness trackers, you have to do an action for a minimum length of time for it to register. When it comes to the Apple Watch, you have to stand or step for at least one minute for your activity to register. 

Don’t forget about what we said earlier about the accelerometer – you do need to move your arms. Standing frozen on the spot rarely works and does not register standing activity on your Apple Watch.

Can I Manually Add Stand Hours on My Apple Watch?

The answer to that question is no. Apple does not let you add stand hours manually. Perhaps Apple thinks you will try to cheat and exaggerate your fitness progress. That is probably not true for most people, but some of us would like to try. 

Can you change the recommended standing time on the Apple Watch? Once again, the answer to the question is no. The recommended standing time is set as per the recommendation of fitness professionals. Generally, the more you stand, the better it is for you. 

Do I Earn Standing Credit When I Walk? 

Yes, you do. When you walk, the accelerometer starts recording and notices that you are both moving and standing up. It is not only walking that adds to your credit. Other exercises, such as yoga and tai-chi, start adding to your overall goal and activity rings. 

Can I Change My Goal on My Apple Watch?

Yes, you can change your activity goals. It is easy to do from the Activity App on your Apple Watch. First, select Change Goals using the plus and minus buttons to adjust your goals. Once you are done, tap OK, and you are done. 

Let’s Wrap It Up Apple Watch Not Registering standing

The onboard accelerometer in your Apple Watch is behind many of the functions of your watch. You need to do an activity for at least one minute for it to register what you are doing. When it comes to standing, it is a good idea to wave or move your arms a little bit, even if you are on the bus. 

Always remember that the watch uses an accelerometer. This is how the device recognizes movement. If you continue to experience problems, contact the Apple support community.