The Fitbit Sense Clock Faces We Love [Free/Paid/SpO2/AOD]

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If you read our article on the Clock faces for the Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Versa 3 and 2, you already know that Fitbit Gallery offers many watch faces.

Some are free, and others require a one-time payment of $1 on average to unlock the various available features. 

This article will guide you through our favorite watch faces for Fitbit Sense. We know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So the best Fitbit Sense watch face is the one that will please your eyes, meet your style and provide you with the data you are expecting to see when glancing at your Fitbit smartwatch. 

Selecting the perfect clock face will then have to combine numerous factors. Our selection is based on watch faces we think are practical and good-looking. We think they will attract most users. Even if Fitbit allows you to build your watch face from scratch for a truly outstanding result, it may be wiser to rely on experts to combine aesthetic and data management.

Some features of the Fitbit will require a specific watch face. We are thinking about your Fitbit Blood Oxygen Sensor (SpO2) and will add another level of data to the user….but at the cost of shorter battery life.

Our selection will present you with eight watch faces, three free and five for which you will have to pay a minimal price. We hope that you will agree with our choices and that this article will help you understand the watch you can expect from a Fitbit watch face and have fun while choosing the one that will turn your smartwatch into a unique digital watch that you will be proud to wear and display to your colleagues and friends.

How to access and install watch faces for your Fitbit Sense

We assume that you already know about checking the various watch faces and installing them, but in case you need a quick reminder, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Fitbit App on your smartphone,
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen,
  3. From there, tap on your Fitbit smartwatch,
  4. You will then be able to access the Gallery and all the Clock faces,
  5. Once you find the one you like, tap on Install. That is it. The watch face will be automatically installed on your Fitbit device.

If you consider buying a Fitbit device and do not have the Fitbit app installed, you can explore the Gallery directly on the Fitbit website.

Best Free Fitbit Sense Clock Faces

Plenty of free clock faces are available for the Fitbit Sense/Versa. The paid ones may offer more options and color schemes but we are confident that you will also enjoy a free watch face. Below are three of our favorites.

SpO2 Signature

SpO2 Signature is one of the numerous watch faces directly designed by Fitbit. As a result, it ensures perfect compatibility with the devices. In addition, the spO2 Signature is one of the dedicated clock faces needed to make the most of the capabilities of the Fitbit Sense when it comes to measuring the blood oxygen levels at night time while sleeping. 

SpO2 Signature is very data-driven and makes the most of the health vitals and activities continuously collected by the watch: Active Zone Minutes, Heart Rhythm, Step Counting, Floors. For those who put their health and fitness above time, SpO2 Signature is the watch face to consider. 

Somehow, be aware that analyzing the blood oxygen levels at night will dramatically impact your battery life. You can expect to lose at least one-third of battery life. 

Star Trek Console 2021

The Star Trek Console 2021 is not for everyone. We agree. But didn’t we say that we will present our favorite watch faces? We know that you will enjoy looking at this Enterprise-inspired watch face for those raised watching Star Trek.

The face is colorful and is statistics-heavy. You will even know the stellar date is built as follows: The first two digits correspond to the century, the second two digits identify the year within the century, and the decimals define the year. It may sound complex, but we know that Captain Kirk will approve.

The colors will even change depending on how close you reach your daily goals. One drawback? The number of data displayed is so numerous that it can become challenging even to know the time. But after all, being a Star Trek fan comes at a price that is zero in the case of the Star Trek Console 2021. Yes, this watch face is free, and we love it. Live long and prosper, fellow Vulcans.

Hamilton Analog

The Hamilton analog is a stylish and functional choice for a free analog-looking watch face that does not forget that you are wearing a smartwatch.

The display combines a retro analog look with the date, steps, and heart rate. Hamilton’s analog minimalist design is elegant. The fact that it comes for free is another reason to consider it.

Best Paid Fitbit Sense Clock Faces

Paying for a Fitbit watch face may seem a waste of money, especially when considering the hundreds available for free. If you somehow want to fine-tune your choice of design and add premium options $1 is a small price to pay for making your watch truly your own.

NtprOwr is our favorite watch face and the one that we have been using for months already. The design is clean, and the various color schemes will suit the board room and the gym. 

We like the most about the NtprOwr face because it presents critical information without making the screen too complex to read. When looking for a well-designed screen face that goes to the essentials without forgetting to let you know what time it is quickly, NtprOwr is an excellent choice.


Our second choice is the ntprOsf which comes with plenty of health and fitness statistics and has the retro look of a Casio watch. Again, you may find it a bit too much and difficult to read, but you will be assured that most, if not all, of the data continuously collected by your Fitbit sensors will be neatly presented. Even the battery life is shown colorfully.


The ntprOxe is like no other watch face. It mimics the shape of a sweater design that will be randomly generated when taping on the screen. It is possible to access various information such as the heart rate, the active zone minute, the number of steps, the distance, and even the number of floors by tapping on the bottom of the screen.

NtprOxe is unique and will undoubtedly be the starter of a conversation about the benefits and uniqueness of a Fitbit smartwatch.

It will just cost you 1.3$, which we think is a small price to be unique. 

You may have noticed that most of our favorite watch faces are from the same designer, namely ntpr. This company deserves to be supported as most of its creations are tasteful and unique. We even bought for less than $10 an access to all of their designs—a saving of more than $100 to the individual faces. So if you wonder which watch face to choose, we recommend checking ntpr. We are not affiliated with them. We love their work.

Chronograph II

Chronograph II by qpoApps is one of our favorite paid analog-looking watch faces. For just $1, it becomes possible to wear a clock face that will remind you of the chronographs made famous by Swiss watchmakers in the 1970s.

Four bezels included in the design show the heart rate, number of steps, active zone minutes, and battery. The date and time are also part of this watch face design that combines a lot of data while sticking to a classic-looking analog watch face.

The cherry on the cake is the possibility to change the colors and customize the Chronograph II to your taste.

Photo Pro

Our paid selection’s last Fitbit watch face is Photo Pro, which comes for $1.49, making it a relatively expensive watch face, at least in the Fitbit Sense world.

Proto Pro is an excellent choice for those who want to customize their watch and always carry a picture of their loved one on their wrist.

The images are selected directly from your smartphone camera roll and can be programmed to change every hour or time you glance at your Fitbit watch. 

As we mentioned, this watch face is all about looking at memories. Still, it doesn’t forget to know what time it is. In addition, it includes displaying some essential health and fitness metrics such as the number of steps walked, distance, calories, active zone minutes, floors, battery, and much more.

To wrap up

With so many clock faces available, the abundance of choices may impact your selection of the perfect Fitbit watch face. We hope that our selection of the watch faces we like and use will guide you and help you save time.

Don’t forget that the broad and sharp display of the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa series is an excellent playground for designers and that new watch faces are available on a nearly daily basis.

Fitbit selects what they consider to be the best watch faces for their device. So don’t forget to have a look at it. It is updated regularly and is an excellent place to start looking for ideas on your new Fitbit clock face.