What Does the Blue Dot On Apple Watch Mean?

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The blue dot on Apple Watch means your water lock is on. Or does it mean you have an update to install? 

When you are a new Apple Watch owner, it is a good idea to sit down and study what can also be described as the “symbolic” language of the watch. 

Many users find themselves spending time in forums, trying to figure out what the icons and symbols mean. 

We have put together a mini-user guide to the “blue” on Apple Watch. At the same time, we are taking the opportunity to give you a brief insight into the signs and symbols on the watch. 

As always, it is easy to get confused between different icons. For example, the waterlock blue icon is not the only blue icon on Apple Watch. 

Can’t Check the Weather? 

If you can’t interact with your Apple Watch, clearly something is going on. After all, your Apple Watch should give all the latest up-to-date information in seconds. 

When a blue dot is showing, it means your water lock is on. It is easy to set up and tap the wrong icon on any smartwatch. Compared to other devices, smart watch screens are much smaller. 

The blue water lock is easy to take off. Keep on turning the digital crown until water droplets fill the circle of the watch. Your water lock should be off once the water drops fill the entire circle. 

Is There a Blue Dot Next to Your Contacts? 

This means your watch has scanned your contacts and found out which ones are available when sending and receiving messages. 

It is good to know who you can communicate quickly should you need to do so. 

What About the Light Blue Dot? 

It would appear that the good people at Apple have a thing about blue and blue icons. 

You have probably noticed that your Apple Watch also has a light blue dot in its repertoire. 

When the light blue dot appears next to an application, it means the app has an update waiting to be installed. The update may even have been installed. On newer versions of the Apple Watch, a few apps update themselves. But, if the app is waiting to have the update installed, you must do it yourself. 

What you need to do now is to install the latest version of that particular app. Once you have updated the app, the light blue dot disappears. 

A Solid Blue Dot

Have you spotted a solid blue dot on your watch? 

Okay, now we are in the land of notifications and messages. This blue dot appears when your message box is open. 

When you see this solid-looking blue dot, it means you have already read the message. It is identified as it appears on the right side of the message. 

What About the Blue Padlock? 

The blue padlock on the Apple Watch means the phone is locked with a passcode. 

You can’t access the person’s phone unless you know the passcode. Therefore, if you have created a password, it is a good idea to write it down somewhere just in case you forget it. 

What About the Blue Icon with the Arrow Pointing Right? 

Tap on this icon, and you can now control your Apple TV. But, of course, you only see this icon if you have the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone. 


Are There Too Many Icons and Dots on Apple Watch? 

If you are new to Apple gadgets, you will probably think there are too many dots, symbols, and icons. 

Of course, this does not only apply to Apple Watch. It also applies to iPhones and iPads. 

Many seniors say that they find Apple devices hard to understand and follow. 

That is probably true when you are older. It would explain why Apple has younger followers compared to other brands. 

Think About Icons and Coloured Dots as Road Signs

How do you cope with all of these colored dots and icons? 

When you find it hard to memorize or remember all the different symbols, it can help you think of them as road signs. 

If you are unsure of the meaning, try to think of the most logical advice, and you should be okay. 

There are sources online. The best source to turn to is Apple support. The site is straightforward, and you should soon find the icon or dot you need to look up. 


Can My Apple Watch Do As Much as My iPhone? 

The ultimate goal of Apple’s development team is to get the watch to do as much as the phone. 

It has to be said that the Apple Watch is packed with features that are just as much as home on a phone as they are on a smartwatch. 

More than likely, new smart apps will pop up on your Apple watch in the future. Keep up to date with Apple on their home page when you want to find out more. 


If you don’t mind all the signs and symbols loaded on Apple Watch, it is a really good watch. Don’t forget to check our articles about the red and green dots on the Apple Watch.