Can I Give My Fitbit to Someone Else?

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We all love our Fitbit smartwatches or fitness trackers. I hope you do. Somehow even though all these devices have to offer, you may want to give or sell your Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Alta to someone else. After all, the Apple Watch Series 7 is pretty outstanding and is also a solid choice.

The natural question will then be how to clear user data, cancel your Fitbit Premium account, and let the new owner make your old Fitbit device their own. This article will guide you through the necessary steps to change the settings in your Fitbit account.

Can Fitbit be paired with multiple devices?

If you are like me, you certainly have multiple devices, such as an iPhone, an iPad, a portable computer, and many more. So you may wonder if it is possible to check your fitness or sleep data on several of your devices?

In short, as long as you download the Fitbit App and pair your Fitbit tracker through a Bluetooth connection, it is possible to check your data on several devices. If you give your Fitbit to someone else, as long as you are not in Bluetooth range, your old Fitbit device will not update. 

Using the Fitbit App is not the only way to access the recorded data. The Fitbit Dashboard is easily accessible through the internet, meaning that if the new owner doesn’t change anything, the Fitbit Device will stay connected to your account, and you will have access to his data.

When transferring a Fitbit, it is good practice to reset it to the factory settings and delete everything. But, don’t worry; the process is simple enough, and we will guide you through it.

Do you have to reset a Fitbit before selling?

You will probably not make your medical information freely available for anybody to look at. Even though a Fitbit device contains data that I never considered very sensitive. Who cares about my heart rate or the number of hours of sleep I had last night?

It is good practice to Factory reset your Fitbit before giving it or selling it. As a rule of thumb, we live in a world where data are the new gold. So my advice is to wipe clean your wearable device’s data.

The process is straightforward. This way, you will not have to worry about the new owner checking on your Fitness data even though they have little value. As with any other electronic device, such as your phone or computer, make sure to clear user data. If not for you, at least as a courtesy to the new owner.

How do I transfer a Fitbit to another person?

Transferring a Fitbit to another person is easy as long as you proceed systematically. Follow the steps below to make sure your Fitbit device is clean as a whistle:

  1. Sync the last data you recorded with your device,
  2. Then in a Fitbit App dashboard, proceed to a factory reset to wipe out the data and settings,
  3. Cancel your Fitbit Premium subscription in case you have one associated with your device,
  4. Unpair your Fitbit device from your App.

By following these steps, you will make sure that your latest data are safe and are still available either on the App. on the Fitbit Dashboard or that the device is clean and readily available for the new owner to make his own.

How do I set up a previously used Fitbit?

As long as the previous owner followed the steps we mentioned above, setting up a previously owned Fitbit is not different from setting up a brand new one.

Depending on the device, the steps may differ slightly, and we recommend you to check the online documentation on the Fitbit website.

The first thing is to download the Fitbit App. available for iOS and Android and to set up an account. The App is freely available on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Once the App. is installed, make sure to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and let the detection process begin. It should only take a couple of minutes for your new smartwatch or Fitness Tracker to be detected and ready to use.

You have to remember that a previously owned Fitbit will be considered a new device, and as long as the data are paired with a new account, your new Fitbit device will indeed be your own. Therefore, you will not have to worry about mixing up your sleep tracking data with the previous owner’s.

To Conclude

With a powerful Fitbit Mobile App. and a plethora of sensors, even an old Fitbit has a lot to offer and will not disappoint. However, the previous owner and the new one will have to follow a couple of steps to ensure the data are not mixed up.

The key points to remember are for the previous owner to unpair and Factory reset the old Fitbit device and for the new owner to set up a brand new account, even though it is possible to add a new device to an existing one and pair the device with the App.

Remember that your data are your property, and make sure to keep it that way when transferring a Fitbit device to someone else. By proceeding rigorously, everybody should be happy, and the device will continue to serve its new owner well.

Yes, you can give or sell your Fitbit to someone else. However, if something doesn’t go as planned during the transfer, do not hesitate to contact Fitbit Customer support or check the forum on the Fitbit website. If you encounter an issue, the chances are high that somebody had the same one and that the fix is already described and readily available.