Can You Wear an Apple Watch on Your Ankle? [Final Answer]

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Are you in a hurry? Are you looking for a quick answer? So let’s right to the point. Yes, you can wear an Apple Watch on your ankle but it is a bad idea. The heart rate sensor will not work and you may end up breaking your device.

Anyway, let’s dig into the world of wearing an Apple Watch on your ankle as it has been a matter of debate on the Apple forums. It is our hope that at the end of this article, you will be convinced that your wrist is the best place to consider to make the most of your smartwatch.

Why You May Consider Wearing an Apple Watch on Your Ankle?

Honestly, I do not see plenty of good reasons why you would want to wear your Apple Watch on your ankle.

The first one is that you may have burned your wrist or may suffer from severe skin allergies. Ok, this could make sense even though the Apple Watch offers plenty of band materials from silicone, to metal or even fabric. It is hard to imagine that you did not find an Apple Watch wristband material that is compatible with your type of skin.

The second reason may be for improving the step tracking accuracy. Do not get me wrong here. The Apple Watch and all of the smartwatches and fitness trackers have been engeneered for tracking steps while being worn on the wrist. But and this is a big but, the smartwatches will all consider that you are walking with your hands.

Let me clarify this last statement. While walking, you will normally move your arms in sync with your legs. Thus, the built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes will detect the movements of the arms and extrapolate them to your walking. This explains why walking on a treadmill with the hands on the handlebar or cycling in-door will trigger wrong results.

For an Apple Watch, as long as you do not move your arms, you do not move. When considering that some people may walk without moving their arms, not the best way to walk in my opinion, it could make sense not to wear your device using a standard wrist band.

As you can see, these examples are the exception to the norm but if you really want to use an Apple Watch on your ankle, why not? Let’s see if it will impair the results of the activity and health sensors.

Will the Apple Watch Work the Same on Your Ankle?

This is the 1 million dollar question. Quick answer: No! The Apple Watch sensors have been calibrated to be used on the external part of the left wrist. Using the watch upside on your wrist is the way to go and wearing it differently will impair the skin contact leading to potential errors when measuring health vitals or even for physical activity tracking.

The Apple Watch is an extension of the iPhone and most of the controls are linked to the digital crown which is located on the right side of the watch. There is a trick we described that allows using the watch on the right wrist by basically turning the screen face upside down but in theory, the whole device and sensor arrays have been designed with the wrist of a right-handed person in mind.

The Apple Watch is famous for the quality of its heart sensor. The device will shine green light through its led and the variation of blood flow will allow to reliably detect the heart rhythm. To wear the Apple Watch differently will impair the detection of the blood vessels, of the blood flow and will lead to incorrect results.

It can be even worst on the ankle as the Apple Watch as the ankle vascular network has nothing in common with the wrist leading to the Apple Watch not being able to detect the heart rate.

Will the Apple Count Steps Work when Worn on The Ankle?

Using a long Apple Watch Band or an ankle band adapter it is possible to count the steps while wearing the Apple Watch on the ankle. The device’s accelerometer may somehow be able to detect the movements of the legs leading to an accurate count of how many steps you made.

Even if wearing an Apple Watch the wrong way is not the way to go, it can still be done if you like to experiment and check on the Apple Watch tracks your fitness activities.

Are There Any Good Ankle Bands for The Apple Watch?

As long as you are not training for the next Olympics and do not worry to much about potential errors in the detection of your heart rate, finding an ankle band or

Arm Band/Ankle Band for 38/40/41 mm Apple Watch
  • Works on both arm and ankle; fits upper arm/forearm/ankle up to 15 inches (38cm), works with all...
  • Soft, breathable, and lightweight, the band provides soft cushioning while allowing moisture to...
  • The nonslip stretchy material adapts to your every movement and helps maintain a secure, comfortable...
  • Easy to use, both ends of the band features a hook-and-loop design closure for easy wearing and...
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The Teleca Band received numerous good reviews from users that found it comfortable and breathable. Its adjustable length allows to position it either on the arm or on the ankle. Even if the company claims that both the heart rate and the activities will be accurately detected, I somehow have my doubts. Somehow, if one day I decide to use a band and install my precious Apple Watch on my ankle, the Teleca would be number one on my list.

Apple Watch Generic Ankle Band
  • Enable you wear the apple watch (iwatch) on your arm and works as fine as on your wrist
  • Idea for anyone who want to use apple watch (iwatch) when sports gear or activity restricts wrist...
  • Soft, breathable, sweatproof and lightweight. Easy to install and remove, use as simply as the wrist...
  • No buckle, no snaps, hook and loop end fastener for size adjustment.Small size fits 5.7 to 8.5...
  • Package include 1 x accessory ankle band, not include watch or other device

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This generic ankle band is very reasonably priced and will do the job when it comes to holding the Apple Watch on the ankle. It is a first-price item and not a top and that will last a long time. Hence, I do not recommend it for daily use but if you just want to wear your watch on your ankle from time to time, this ankle band is a good choice.

ZRDesign Adjustable Apple Watch Ankle/Wrist Band
  • ZRDESIGN has designed this elastic tension strap based on the principle of muscle contraction, with...
  • Comfortable Nylon Stretch Fabric: Lightweight, Breathable, Comfortable and Soft, won’t make your...
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  • This Elastic Nylon bands can fit lug widths 42mm/44mm/45mm. These bands fits can compatible with...
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The ZRDesign is an adjustable elastic band that will allow reaching a maximum length of 17 inches. Made of elastic and breathable nylon, this band is specifically designed for sports activities even if users complained about potential size issues. I recommend that you measure your arm circumference and make sure that it does not exceed 17 inches before ordering it.

What Are Other Alternative Ways to Wear an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is certainly the most famous smartwatch ever created. Numerous third-party providers developed ankle bands, arms bands, and longer band pieces allowing you to wear the watch on various parts of your body.

I even found patches that allow sticking the Apple Watch virtually anywhere.

To Wrap Up

The Apple Watch is very versatile and can be worn on the ankle as well as the arm but remember that all of the electronics and algorithms have been calibrated for usage on the wrist.

If you work in an environment where wearing watches is forbidden and somehow want to benefit from the Apple Watch tracking capabilities an ankle or arm extension band may be a solution to consider. As long as you do not mind not being able to access the digital crown and interacting with the numerous features of the device, wearing your Apple Watch on your ankle is a reasonable solution.