Want To Cancel Fitbit Premium? [Let’s Do It]

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For those who already own a Fitbit activity tracker and the Fitbit app, you know how beneficial they can be on your fitness or health path. Subscribing to Fitbit Premium will offer you access to extra features suited to your needs and allow you to take it one step further through guided programs and additional health metrics.

Through Fitbit Premium, it also becomes possible to access wellness reports. You must have recorded at least 30 days of data. In addition, you can also access numerous videos and programs provided by third parties.

Fitbit Premium usually comes free for a couple of months, between three and six, when purchasing a brand new Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker. The downside is that nothing stays free forever, and ultimately you will have to pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year to continue accessing the numerous extra data and programs that come with the program. 

As a side note, if you wish to cancel your membership to Fitbit Premium, don’t forget to do it before the end of the trial. Fitbit will not refund you if you miss the renewal date.

For German users, there is somehow the possibility of a pro-rated refund. Check for the terms in your specific country on Fitbit’s terms & conditions page.

The Fitbit Premium membership brings plenty of value for exercise tracking and keeping your motivation up. Still, if you are like me, you suddenly realize that between Netflix, Adobe, Apple Music, and much more, you end up paying a couple of hundreds of dollars on subscriptions that you don’t use regularly. 

Being a premium subscriber may bring personalized insights about how you sleep, but it will also deplete your bank account in the long run, meaning that at one point, you may decide to cancel your subscription. 

The question is, how to do it? Whatever your device or if you bought your Fitbit Subscription from an IOS or Android device, we will guide you through the steps to stop being part of the Fitbit Premium Subscriber community. 

To understand how to cancel your subscription, the critical point is to remember how you subscribed to it. There are two ways to activate the free trial, and once the trial period is finished, it will then automatically turn into a paying program:

  • Through the App (Apple Store or Google Play)
  • Through the Fitbit Dashboard, you can access it on your computer

Canceling through the Fitbit App

The Fitbit App is very comprehensive, maybe too comprehensive. As a result, finding the right page or icon to tap on may be challenging.

When opening the App, tap on TODAY (bottom left) and tap on your profile picture on the first screen that appears. It should open the dashboard, where you will find the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS menu. Tap on it to open the Account Settings screen and tap on the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION menu. 

This will open either the Google Play or the App Store, in which it is either possible to cancel, renew or upgrade your subscription profiles.

You do not need to go through the Fitbit App to access the Subscription Management menus. It may be simpler to get right away into Google Play or the App Store. 

Now that you know how to cancel a subscription through the Fitbit App let’s check how it can be done with your desktop or laptop through the Fitbit website.

Cancel Fitbit Premium through the Fitbit Website

If you did not yet explore your dashboard on the Fitbit website and are just used to opening the App on your cell phone, we suggest that you check it. You will see a tremendous amount of information in a format that may be easier to read than on a smartphone screen.

Click on the top-right icon and get into the MY ACCOUNT menu to access your subscription. From here, you will be able to cancel it or update your payment method.

If you see that the subscription is linked to either Apple or Google, you will need to change the settings from your smartphone.

What should I do if none of the previous methods work?

If none of the ways we described previously worked, you still have two ways we can think of to cancel your Fitbit plan.

Check for the confirmation email

Go into the mailbox associated with your Fitbit user account and look for the confirmation email you must have received from Fitbit once you activated your subscription.

You may find in it a link to manage the subscription.

Cancel the Paypal automatic billing

Automatic billing will be referred to as such on PayPal’s website, and it may be found in your account in the Payments section of the Settings menu under Manage Pre-Approved Payments. Just cancel this payment, and you should be fine. 

Finally, if nothing else worked, the last option is to contact Fitbit support and ask for help. 

How to change your Fitbit Premium Subscription?

As we previously indicated, the price for an annual subscription is much more cost-efficient than the monthly one. After all, paying upfront always comes with a discount.

If you plan to change your subscription period, use any of the methods we described, and do not forget that the new subscription method will only take effect after the end of your previous one. 

To wrap up

Fitbit Premium offers numerous benefits and access to additional information. For example, did we mention the daily readiness score that lets you know the exercise time you should aim for on a specific day depending on your previous night of sleep, Heart Rate Variability, and level of exercise during the previous day?

Anyway, if you want to cancel your Fitbit Premium subscription, there are plenty of ways to do it, and we hope that the ones we presented will let you manage your fitness and budget in total harmony.