How to connect Fitbit to Life Fitness? [Solved]

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I try to exercise regularly and go weekly to my nearby Anytime Fitness gym. So my routine is pretty well set, and I wear what I consider the best fitness tracker currently available: the Fitbit Charge 5.

Things may look great, but as with any fitness trackers, the Fitbit Charge 5 detects movements using its embedded gyroscopes to detect and track movements. A frustrating issue that you may have encountered is, for example, when cycling on a stationary bike. As your hands will rest most of the time on the handlebar, they will remain mostly motionless. Hence the inability of the Fitbit device to detect movement and record your exercise correctly.

If you go to Anytime Fitness, you know that Life Fitness mainly provides their fitness equipment…at least in my town. I have no complaint about that. However, the question relates to the possibility of synchronizing your workout with a Fitbit device and going beyond the active zone minutes or heart rate detection. This article will provide you with a simple method to make the most of Life Fitness Connect and Fitbit.

Note that the process we describe will work equally well with the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Sense, Inspire HR. In addition, the link will be set up between the Fitbit app and the Life Fitness Connect app, so it is virtually device agnostic.

Follow this step-by-step process, and all your workout data recorded with Life Fitness equipment will appear on your tracking device. A great way to achieve your fitness goals.

1. Download the Life Fitness Connect App.

Of course, we will describe how to make the most of your Fitbit app., but this procedure works equally well with an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Why? Because it all comes to the Life Fitness Connect App. The first step is, of course, to download the free app:

Once done, open it and access the dashboard.

2. Connect to your profile and access the settings

Click on the profile icon (top left of the dashboard) and access the app. settings. Here you will see the list of the apps compatible with Life Fitness equipment.

On the screenshot, you can see that linking it to Health for Apple devices is possible. In our experience, using only the Health app is not enough to synchronize the data with the Fitbit App. Toggle the Fitbit app.

3. Log in to your Fitbit Account and select the data 

You will then be automatically forwarded to your Fitbit account. Log in using your credentials, allowing you to select the data. Some are mandatory if you want to make the most of the integration. Others such as friends or sharing your location may be a privacy concern.

Select the ones you feel comfortable sharing with the Life Fitness Connect App. 

4. All done! 

All done. The integration between the Fitbit App. and Life Fitness equipment is now completed, and it is now possible to track your workouts with ease and get all the data stored correctly in your Fitbit App.

To do so, you can either get the Fitness Life data directly by connecting your mobile phone via Bluetooth or just by scanning the QR Code on the machine’s screen after completing your workout.

In our case, we prefer to scan the QR Code, but either method can work. If you are just like me, you already have plenty of equipment or devices already connected to your phone. This is one of the reasons why we prefer to use the “QR Code” scanning method, but the choice is yours.

All of your Fitness data will then be available in your Fitbit App.  A great way to have everything in the same place!