What To Do When Your Fitbit band Is Peeling? Does the Warranty cover it?

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Is your wristband for your Fitbit band peeling? It seems to be a relatively common issue. Many Fitbit users report problems with Fitbit’s band peeling. In addition, it seems to be happening on relatively new Fitbits. 

What is going on here, and what can you do? Let’s take a look at see how we can help you to solve this problem. 

Check Your Fitbit Warranty

Globally, the Fitbit warranty and the wristband included in the box vary. In the European Community area, the warranty for both the Fitbit and the band is two years. 

In the rest of the world, the warranty is, from what we can tell here at Digital Life Central, one year. 

Of course, things are not as straightforward as that. To claim the warranty, you have to prove that you used the band in the right way. That means sending it back to where you bought it or taking it to the shop where you bought your Fitbit. 

It would appear that most retailers are not happy to give you a straight exchange for your band when it is peeling. With the number of trackers sold by Fitbit, we think it should be a straight exchange. But, nothing seems to be easy these days. 

Why Do Fitbit Bands Peel? 

The genuine Fit band should be of better quality than the generic replacement band. However, many users say that the generic replacement bands last longer. 

Replacement fit bands that you buy from the Fitbit company seem to be of better quality. Could it be that Fitbit is in the business of selling new wristbands? It does make you think. 

Bands and straps peel for all sorts of reasons. Often, it is hard to do with wear and tear. For instance, if you are in and out of the swimming pool a lot, you may find your fit band starts to peel. 

Once again, this is something that happens to many fitness tracker bands. The chlorine in the water affects the band. 

If you are an open water swimmer, you probably find that your fit band starts to peel after a couple of months. This applies mainly if you swim in salt water. Crystals build up on your Fitbit band, and it may start peeling. My fit band started to peel only after a couple of times going swimming in the sea wearing my Fitbit. 

Needless to say, it invalidated my warranty. That is how I found out that Fitbit bands and salt don’t mix. 

When you swim wearing your Fitbit, you should clean your band afterward. Don’t use soap or any other cleaning product. Use water. Dry it off with a soft cloth, and don’t put it on until it is thoroughly dry.

Heat and Fitbit Bands

Heat is another factor that affects fit bands. This is silly because you do get hot when exercising. You would have thought that Fitbit would have tested their bands to ensure they stand up to a bit of sweat and body heat generated. Or is the salt in your sweat that causes the problem? 

I know many Fitbit wearers who have had a problem with this. Personally, I noticed that my new Fitbit wristband started to peel after I had been to a spinning marathon. One of the other attendees told me to put it in the fridge when I came home. 

To my surprise, it did work. I am not sure what happened, but the band “pulled” itself back together. Since then, I have been putting the band in the fridge after workouts. 

Can You Glue the Band Back Together? 

I have read about various ways of gluing a peeling fit band back together. 

From what I understand, many users recommend super glue or Mod Podge. However, as a secret crafter, I would not recommend either. Instead, I would go for leather glue. It is a much better glue that you can put on your band. 

This is how you do it: 

  • Clean your band and let it dry.
  • Put some glue on a plate and smear it out a bit.
  • Using a fine brush, brush the glue onto the “peel” that has come off, not the strap. 
  • Hold down the peel to the strap and let it stick. 

Leather glue is much more durable and easier to work with than other forms of glue. Great for leather, but also an excellent glue for many other things. 

Keep A Couple of Replacement Bands Handy

Wristbands bought directly from Fitbit are relatively expensive. So instead of buying directly from Fitbit, it is a good idea to buy from another source. Amazon must be making a roaring trade in Fitbit bands. Lately, bands for fitness trackers have become a bit of a fashion statement. 

You should not buy a Fitbit band for that reason, but if you like to, there is no reason not to.

I think it is a good idea to have at least one replacement band handy. Okay, it does not take very long for your band to arrive from Amazon. But, if you are going to a competition or want to travel with your Fitbit, you need to have a band. 

The last thing you want is to travel with a Fitbit band peeling, as it may result in the tracker falling off your wrist. However, as bands are pretty cheap on sites such as Amazon, why not buy a couple of Fitbit bands to have on stand-by? 

Final Thoughts

I know that fitness trackers may not cost a king’s ransom. Fitbit and other manufacturers think that the value is in the device. We get the point. 

But, when your Fitbit is water resistant, you should be able to swim with it in the sea or swim for longer than a couple of weeks before the band starts peeling. That is my personal opinion. 

My final thought is that we all need to look after our bands and straps. Make sure you clean them after you have been for a swim or hot workout.