Fitbit Gorjana: The Special Edition Fitbit Luxe!

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When you want your fitness tracker to look more like a watch and a piece of jewelry, the right choice may be the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana. When you have a special celebration coming up and you are unsure what to buy your partner, Fitbit Gorjana makes a perfect choice. It is unique compared to other fitness trackers that fall in the same category.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that provides you with all of the functions of a tracker but looks more like a watch, the Gorjana is also an attractive option. It makes a fantastic birthday or anniversary gift. So why not buy it as a Christmas present for that special someone in your life?

Fitbit Luxe Gorjana
  • See how jewelry gets smart with a tracker that doubles as a timeless accessory and features a...
  • Special Edition comes with a gold stainless steel Parker Link Bracelet from the timeless jewelry...
  • Get better sleep to power your days with sleep tracking and sleep Score in the Fitbit app
  • Feel a Buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones, while you earn active zone...
  • 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium (New and returning Premium members only. Must activate trial within...

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Does Fitbit make the Fitbit Gorjana?

Yes, the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana is made by Fitbit as a special edition device. When you first see it, it is easy to presume another manufacturer makes it, and Fitbit has just tagged on its technology. However, the bracelet comes from the Gorjana company, behind a range of exciting contemporary jewelry designs.

But, this fitness is made by Fitbit and comes with the same warranty as a regular Fitbit. In the range of Fitbit devices, the closes family member is the Luxe Fitbit. It is a great choice when you want your fitness tracker to look more sporty. But, if you want your tracker to look more like a watch, the Gorjana is the one for you.

Fitbit Luxe Gorjana

Health Features

- Heart Rate (All day, Spot check)

- Heart Rate Alerts (Low, High)

- Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications

- Skin Temperature Variations

- Heart Rate Variability
- Respiration Rate
- Blood Oxygen Saturation (All day, Spot)
- Stress Analysis
- Sleep Analysis
- Women's Health (Menstrual cycle)

Activity Tracking

20 exercise modes (Smart Tracking)

Lifestyle Features

- Connected GPS

- Calendar
- Weather

- Timer & Stopwatch
- Notifications

Battery Life

Up to 5 days

Water Resistance

50 meters (Swimming)

Compatible Devices

iOS, Android Smartphones

Gorjana Design

The Fitbit Luxe Gorjana comes with two colors variant:

  • soft gold stainless steel,
  • platinum stainless steel.

The links can easily be removed and adjusted, allowing the bracelet to come in one size that will fit wrists from 135mm up to 190.5mm in circumference. The band is built from surgical-grade stainless steel and features a clip made of stainless steel and rubber.

Thanks to its sleek design, the Gorjana draws you in. The bracelet has been given that unique slim line design that you have come to expect from all things Gorjana. The clasps are distinctive and do not overpower your wrist. A tracker can easily take over and look anything but like a watch.

This is not something you have to worry about when it comes to the Fitbit Gorjana. Once on your wrist, you soon discover that it feels like a lightweight lady’s watch. Yes, it has a presence, but at the same time, it does not stand out like a fitness tracker.

Of course, it still has the same advantages and functionality as the Fitbit Luxe. We are going to talk more about that later. For now, we are focusing on the design.

There is another reason why so many ladies like the Fitbit Gorjana. Most women like to wear other jewelry apart from fitness devices. One of the downsides of wearing regularly designed fitness trackers is that they are hard to match with jewelry. Not so if you have a Fitbit Gorjana. Its design makes it much easier to match it with other jewelry.

Battery Life

Depending on how much you use your Gorjana, you should not have to recharge for five days. However, if you do a lot of physical activity and expect your tracker to keep up with you, you may have to charge it more often.

If you wear it when you do all your fitness activities, it goes without saying that you put more demand on the tracker. As with all other fitness trackers, the more you ask them to do, the faster you need to recharge them.

As the Gorjana comes at a slightly higher price point, it is worth looking after the battery. Please don’t fall into the trap of charging it every day as so many wearers do. This will only shorten the overall battery life of your tracker.

Companion App And UI

The running gear of the Gorjana is still Fitbit. It is the Fitbit Luxe. Actually, the Gorjana will be detected as a Fitbit Luxe on the Fitbit app.

Compared to other Fitbit screens, you can say that the OLED screen on the Luxe goes hand in hand with the Gorjana. It gives a sophisticated look and very much adds to the attractiveness of the tracker. Although the screen is small, 0.76 inch with a screen resolution of 124×206 pixels, the AMOLED display technology makes it easy to read. So whether you use the tracker as a fully functional fitness device or tell the time, you will not have trouble reading the screen.

The UI design makes the device easy to use. Many of the trackers in the same or similar category say that Fitbit Luxe has the best UI. That is when compared to Vivomove, Garmin Lily, and Apple Watch, which can be a bit overwhelming from time to time. Further down on this page, we are taking a closer look at them and their price points


The Fitbit Luxe Gorjana Special Edition does not have stand-alone GPS functionality. If you want to have GPS or achieve GPS functionality, you must connect the tracker to your phone’s GPS.

For some users, this may be an issue. However, it has to be said that most users are probably happy accessing GPS functionality via their cell phones or other mobile devices. Stand-alone GPS functionality is not something most buyers of luxury fitness trackers, straps, and bracelets worry about when it comes down to it. Instead, the design and features attract them to their devices.

Setting up GPS via the Fitbit app is not very difficult, and there may be times when GPS tracking is proper when exercising outside.

Fitness Tracking Feature on the Gorjana

Yes, you can track your fitness activities on your tracker. But, there are occasions when you have to use the app, such as when you may want re-arrange an exercise schedule. But, as you are likely to have access to your mobile device, this is not a hardship. For example, log onto the app and re-arrange your schedule when doing yoga in the afternoon during the summer instead of going for a run.

Otherwise, the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana offers you the same exercise activities. They include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Bike
  • Treadmill

Workout is also available. Under this activity, you will find a range of exercises you can easily track.

What feedback does the tracker give you? From the screen, you can track your heart rate, calories burned, and elapsed time. When relevant, you can also monitor miles and your pace. Labels including “fat burn” and “peak” still appear when you are working out.

Is the screen easy to see when exercising? Of course, it is a small screen. But, it has to be said that the screen is excellent for the information you probably want to track. For example, you will not have to invest in a pair of reading glasses to keep an eye on your heart rate.

However, if you have gone from one of the larger trackers with a bigger screen, you may find tracking information on the screen harder. But, generally, the screen handles fitness information well despite its smaller size

Healthcare Features

Like most of the newest Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers, the Gorjana special edition of the Fitbit Luxe comes with top of the lines health sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

Starting a health and wellness journey is often as simple as checking simple health metrics such as your breathing pattern, heart rate variability, and sleep tracking.

The Gorjana will also estimate calorie burn, sleep score, and the temperature measured while sleeping. It also comes with stress management tools.

The heart rate monitor will allow checking the heart rate trends, zones, and active minutes.

Being designed for women, the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana will, of course, track periods and ovulation making it more than a simple fitness and wellness device.

What Are The Top Lifestyle Features of Fitbit Luxe Gorjana?

Your tracker can still help you with many other features we have come to expect from trackers. They include monitoring calls, text messages, your calendar, and smartphone notifications. However, many who buy the Gorjana are new to fitness trackers. For these functions to work, you need to be within 30 feet of your mobile device.

What about music on the Luxe? No, there are no music controls. Fitbit Pay is also missing, but it can be argued that Fitbit pay is something that you manage without.

What about Fitbit Premium? If you want to access Fitbit Premium with the Luxe, you have to set up a monthly payment of $10. Do you need it? You have enough functionality to make the Fitbot Gorjana work hard for you without Fitbit Premium. I think that most Gorjana wearers don’t worry about Fitbit Premium too much. They are just after a nice-looking tracker.

You still have many other lifestyle features you can monitor, including menstrual cycle, sleep, and heart rhythm.

Can you answer calls? You can answer calls, but you must use your phone for communication. You can also reject calls which is a handy function.

What about Do Not Disturb mode? Yes, the Luxe also comes with a Sleep mode and a Do Not Disturb function.

Is My Fitbit Gorjana Okay For Swimming?

If you set it up for swimming, the Luxe is water resistant up to 50 meters. It is somehow strongly advised not to swim and even shower wearing it.

If the electronics will no doubt sustain a few water splashes, the bracelet is not designed for repeated exposure to soap or shampoos.

Treat the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana as a must have wardrobe essential that will need care and attention.

What about that nice Gorjana strap? Well, that is the thing. When you don’t want your posh strap to discolor, it is best to take it off. This applies to both saltwater swimming and swimming in chlorinated pools.

What Is the Gorjana Bracelet Made Out Of?

The bracelet comes in soft gold or platinum-covered stainless steel, adding to the sophistication of its appearance. In addition, the Gorjana bracelet is nickel-free and hypo-allergenic. Both are added benefits when it comes to the attributes of the bracelet. Overall, the build quality is excellent.

As with all wearable devices and jewelry items, you must watch things like clasps. Just like with your other jewelry, you don’t want to lose your Fitbit Gorjana.

What About Similar Products?

Yes, other fitness trackers are targeting the same market share. Just for a bit of fun, we will take a look at some of them.

The prices of Fitbit Gorjana vary a little bit. On average, you can expect to pay around $200 with shipping. It is a reasonable price for a quality fitness tracker. If you were to buy just a regular quality watch and strap, you would buy the same price, if not more. 

In other words, you get excellent value when buying a Fitbit Gorjana. Nevertheless, let’s take a quick look at the alternatives. 

Garmin Lily

Garmin Lily™
  • Small stylish smartwatch complements your look with a unique decorative lens that reveals a bright...
  • Battery life: up to 5 days
  • Understand your body by monitoring your respiration, Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device), energy...
  • When paired with a compatible smartphone, stay connected with smart notifications for incoming...
  • Tracks yoga, Pilates, cardio, mindful breathing and more with sports apps; connects to your...

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The Garmin Lily comes in around the same price. For that, you get a wellness watch rather than the sports watches you usually would expect from Garmin. 

It is a watch and tracker that shares many of the features you can expect of the Gorjana. That makes you wonder why it is not such a big seller. 

Taking a closer look at the Garmin Lily, you soon discover why. Despite trying to be an “ordinary” look-a-like watch, something is still missing. It is far from aesthetically pleasing when compared to the Fitbit Gorjana. 

From the moment you open the box, the user experience is not the same. When you take the Gorjana out of the box, it makes you stand back and admire it. Yes, it is pretty to look at and a bit posh simultaneously. The same thing can’t be said for the Lily. It claims to be feminine, but it looks very masculine compared to the Fitbit Gorjana. It is not as sleek. 

The watch face is very clear in its favor, but something is missing. In short, it does not look as classy as Gorjana Fitbit. 

Buy it for your wife or girlfriend, and you may get a “thanks, darling, but take it back to the shop.” Remember that a watch has to fit in with a woman’s overall style – even a smartwatch. 

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Garmin Vivomove Sport
  • Stylish 40 mm hybrid smartwatch with timeless analog look and smart features
  • Battery life: up to 5 days in smart mode and up to one additional day in watch mode (hands tell time...
  • Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar view and more...
  • Know your body better with extensive health monitoring features, including Body Battery energy...
  • Connects with your paired smartphone’s GPS to track outdoor walk or run activities; includes...

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The Vivomove sport is another Garmin offering. Again, it is around the same bracket, perhaps a little cheaper. 

Once again, Garmin has produced an excellent watch. But, perhaps that is its problem. Many ladies would say that this fitness or wellness watch looks too solid. 

When you look at it, it makes you wonder what it is trying to be. Is it a watch or fitness tracker? 

Although it looks more like a watch, something still doesn’t feel right. It does give the appearance of being an analog watch. Maybe that is what makes it looks a bit dated. 

This is more of a smartwatch for athletes who don’t want to wear their hardcore Garmin gear or fitness devices. 

But, if you are looking for a stylish smartwatch that looks super solid, this is the one for you. 

It has to be said for smaller, more delicate wrists. The Vivomove would still look too “dominate.”

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7
  • WHY APPLE WATCH SERIES 7 — The most advanced Apple Watch features powerful health innovations like...
  • CELLULAR CONNECTIVITY — Send a text, make a call, stream music and podcasts, use Siri, or call for...
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE — Available in a range of sizes and materials, with dozens of bands to choose...
  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY — Built to be tough. It’s more crack resistant, it’s dust resistant, and...
  • MOST ADVANCED HEALTH FEATURES — Keep an eye on your blood oxygen with a revolutionary sensor and...

Last update on 2023-02-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It is hard to know which out of the Apple Watch series you can compare the Fitbit Gorjana to. Apple Watches are more expensive. 

Sure, the brand’s smart watches are great, but they look more like trackers than watches. 

The display is excellent, and there are very few problems with them. The Apple Watch remains a very strong choice for iPhone users as all the features have been optimized to work seamlessly. With a huge number of bands to choose from, customization is not an issue either.

But, once again, when you are looking for a watch with a strong personality and working both with iOS or Android smartphones, the Fitbit Gorjana certainly has a lot going for it. 

Who Buys A Gorjana Fitbit? 

This is very much a lifestyle choice. When you don’t want your smartwatch or fitness tracker to dominate your style, you probably go for the Gorjana option. Fitness and health are probably important to you. But at the same time, you are not letting them rule your life. 

You like to keep an eye on your health and well-being, but your life is about more than maxing out or dominating your next fitness session. 

When you like to wear lovely jewelry, perhaps even other pieces from the Gorjana brand, the Fitbit Luxe with a Gorjana bracelet is the right choice. 

It has that sophisticated look about it so many ladies like. With numerous clock faces to choose from, the Gorjana Parker link bracelet combines style, water resistance, and the fashionable touch of a Premium Fitness tracker.

fitbit luxe clock faces main

Perhaps if you are a Fitbit fan, you may not buy the Gorjana band. But, if you are a current Gorjana buyer or like to buy other refined jewelry pieces, Fitbit and Gorjana are a dream come true. 

The smartwatch looks excellent when worn to the office or on a night out. It is a bit like a classic perfume or timeless dress – it fits perfectly wherever it goes. 

That is perhaps its top appeal. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

With the Fitbit Luxe Gorjana, ladies have finally found a fitness and wellness tracker that combines a stylish and comfortable band with plenty of healthcare and lifestyle features.

For the price, Gorjana Fitbit offers excellent value for money. Many other brands could learn a bit from Fitbit, including smartwatch brands we have not mentioned. After all, it is by constantly changing and innovating a brand stays current and remains popular with its customers.