How to Make the Most of Fitbit Mobile Track?

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Fitbit is well known for the quality of its smartwatches and Fitness Trackers. The newly released excellent Fitbit Charge 5 is the perfect example. 

Some may have seen the “Fitbit Mobile Track” in the app. menu and wonder what this feature can be used for.

This article will go through it and tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your Fitbit, even when you are not wearing it.

What is Fitbit Mobile Track?

In a nutshell, this feature lets you use the Fitbit App. even though you forgot or choose not to wear your activity tracker.

This feature will make the most of your phone’s internal sensors to keep on tracking the number of steps and synchronize the results with the app.

Somehow, the Fitbit Mobile Track feature may not be available depending on your phone model if it misses the supporting hardware. Of course, this was a standard issue a couple of years ago. Still, nowadays, with most of the phones being technology powerhouses, it will be unfortunate not to benefit from it.

The data collected by the phone will sync with the Fitbit app, which will allow you to keep track of all your health data in a single place, as you may already do for your health data with the Apple Health app. 

Each device comes with its app, and it is always convenient not to have to browse among different apps to get the information you are looking for. In that sense, the Fitbit Mobile Track feature is an excellent way to follow your progress and activities most accurately.

How to set up Fitbit Mobile Track?

Setting up Fitbit Mobile Track is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. On the home screen, press the account icon in the top-left corner (profile picture).

2. Click on the MobileTrack icon,

3. Clink on “Sync Now” to start synchronizing the phone’s internal data with the app.

Is Fitbit Mobile Track accurate?

It is known that Fitbit Step Tracker is not the most accurate in smartwatches and fitness trackers. It tracks movements using a 3-axis accelerometer and a step counting algorithm. When wearing an accelerometer, physical motions will be transformed into data.

When using the Fitbit Mobile Track, the number of steps will be estimated using the phone internal sensor which works according to the same principles but will use different accelerometers and algorithms. 

The accuracy of the step counter will then be solely linked to your phone.

On Fitbit devices, the total distance is calculated using the height and weight indicated when registering, but here again, we are talking estimates. If you find that the distance is inaccurate, you can somehow modify the values to get a better estimate.

How to adjust the stride length to make the total distance more accurate

Depending on the surface, a step may not be counted. This has to deal with the movement accelerometers of both the Fitbit Tracker or the phone.

If you are walking on a very soft surface that absorbs the movement, the surface will absorb kinetic energy smoothly, making it virtually undetectable. So the solution is either to walk in a very well-defined way, think about how militaries walk, or avoid walking on very soft surfaces such as a thick carpet.

Changing the stride length is a straightforward process that may get more accurate results. Note that it will only apply to the measurements done with the Fitbit tracker:

  1. From the Fitbit mobile app:
  2. Tap your profile image to access Account settings, 
  3. Scroll down to Activity & wellbeing, 
  4. On the Exercise tab, scroll to the bottom of the list,
  5. Stride Length is at the bottom and may be adjusted for both walking and running.

To measure your “real stride length,” we suggest that you find a flat and even surface. Then walk at least 20 steps at an average pace, either when running or walking, and walk or run normally, without exaggerating the movements. 

Then measure the total length in inches or centimeters, and divide it by the number of steps. It will give you a good indication of what your actual stride length is. 

What do I need to do if I do not see “Mobile Track” in the Fitbit App?

Even if most iPhones and Android smartphones should be compatible, it is unfortunately not always the case. Hence, the “Mobile Track” will not be visible.

Unfortunately, in that case, there is no alternative but to bring your Fitbit fitness tracker with you.