Fitbit Not Auto Syncing ( 5 Tips You Need to Know)

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Is your Fitbit not auto-syncing? It does happen on occasion. However, when it does happen, it is very frustrating. You won’t fix it quickly and get on with your workout. 

If you find yourself with a Fitbit not auto-syncing, five easy-to-follow tips are handy to know. 

5 Tips For Fitbit Not Auto Syncing

Why is my Fitbit not syncing automatically? Although it does not happen very often, it does happen. 

Your Fitbit not syncing is frustrating when you need to watch your stats. It is particularly frustrating when you are training for an event or participating in a competition. 

Don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to fix the problem quickly. 

Make Sure The Fitbit App is Up-To-Date

If you are a Fitbit user, you know that the company issues new updates all of the time. Unfortunately, it is easy to miss one of the updates. 

One of the first things you should do is make sure that you have downloaded all of the latest updates

The best way to clear any problems with auto-syncing when you suspect you have missed out on an update is to log out of your Fitbit app. 

Once you are logged out, you should take the following steps:

  • Force to quit the app
  • Restart your Fitbit tracker
  • Turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile device
  • Turn off your phone or other mobile device and leave it turned off for about 5 minutes. 
  • Turn on your phone or mobile device and wait for a minute or two. 
  • Now you can turn on the Bluetooth
  • Log back into your Fitbit appreciate

According to Fitbit, your app and tracker should auto-sync every 15 minutes. However, you may find that you have a problem after doing an exercise when you have hung to handlebars. 

Auto syncing With A New App Download

As I travel a lot, I have encountered one crazy problem with my Fitbit not auto-syncing. 

When I turn up in a country to train for a competition or take part, I notice that my Fitbit does not always auto-sync.

The first thing I do is try the previous step. When that doesn’t work, you may have to try something more drastic. I was advised to do this by another Fitbit user in San Francisco a few years ago. It sounds crazy, but it did work. 

  • Turn the Bluetooth function off and on your mobile device or phone
  • Also, turn your Fitbit off and on
  • Uninstall and reinstall your Fitbit app
  • Do a complete reset of the Fitbit app
  • Remove any other Fitbit devices or trackers that you may have on your Bluetooth list. 

You will not lose any unsaved data by doing this. I don’t know why, but for some reason, this happens when I travel to the United States more often than not. 

Check Your Battery Function

The Fitbit community does not talk about low battery a lot. Perhaps it is a sensitive issue for one reason or another. 

I feel that the Fitbit tracker has a few issues with the battery function. But then again, it is the same with other fitness trackers. 

When you want to avoid problems with auto-syncing, you need to keep an eye on your battery level. Having a healthy battery is essential. 

Don’t overcharge your battery, as this can also affect how your Fitbit auto synchs with your app. 

Get into a good charging routine, and you will find that you will have far fewer problems with your Fitbit, especially when it comes to syncing with the app on your phone. 

Do You Have a Data Package? 

Another reason for your Fitbit not auto-syncing is simply because you may not have enough data available. Fitness trackers use a surprising amount of data. As a result, you may run out of data when you use them on the golf course, in yoga class, and for your daily fitness walk or run. 

Perhaps you have used your data for that month, and it is not in the range of a Wi-Fi connection. 

If this happens, you will have a problem with your Fitbit not auto-syncing. But, again, you can check this when you get home and pick up your Wi-Fi connection. 

It is a good idea to make sure that your mobile data package is suitable for all of the apps that you have on your phone. Many of us forget that the apps we download and use data all the time. 

The more apps you have on your phone, the more substantial your data package needs to be. 

Ask yourself if you need all of the apps on your phone. Yes, it is great having access to lots of apps, but they do use a lot of data. 

One idea is to make sure that only the necessary apps auto-start. If you think that Fitbit is one of them, you should prioritize your Fitbit app. But, do you need your supermarket app to start unless you are going shopping? That is what you should ask yourself. 

Incidentally, switching off auto-start for Fitbit does seem to interfere with the auto-synch function. When you log in the next time, you will probably find that you may have to update your Fitbit app. It does not always happen. Perhaps it has to do with the number of new updates released and why you did not have the app in auto-start mode. 

Conflicting Bluetooth Connections

This is another thing that you want to check out before you start contacting Bluetooth customer support. 

Most of us have a range of Bluetooth devices in our homes. Although we use Bluetooth devices when we are out and about, such as earbuds, we also use them at home. 

If you find that you have a lot of different Bluetooth devices on your list, it is a good idea to go through them. One of them may be interfering with your Fitbit Bluetooth connection and app

When you have your Fitbit app on your phone, you should go through the Bluetooth list every so often and check what you need. My new television even turns up on my Bluetooth list. So unless you will use your earbuds to connect with the TV via your phone, do you need it on your Bluetooth list? 

This problem can also occur in your car. Most of us synch our car’s Bluetooth connection with our mobile phone. I have, on occasion, found that this can cause a problem with auto synch, especially when coming home from golf. For example, the Fitbit app works just fine when I check on the 19th hole but stops providing me with golf data when I get in the car. 

This is also a problem for many golf apps if you have one of those installed on your phone. 

How To Manually Sync Fitbit

If you want to sync Fitbit to the app manually, you can do so easily. This is how to do it:

  • Click the Hidden icons on the Taskbar. You will find this in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • You need to locate the Fitbit app icon in the system’s tray.
  • The next step is to hover your mouse over the Fitbit icon and right-click.
  • Select Sync Now, and the process begins. 

Continuous Problems with Auto syncing

When you have persistent auto-syncing problems, you need to ask yourself how old your device is. 

Your Fitbit should last for at least two years but will last longer when you look after the battery. 

The problem is seldom the Fitbit itself. It is the battery. When it starts getting old, it simply does not run all of the functions on your Fitbit as well as it should. 

Many Fitbit users report problems with the auto-synch function when their Fitbit gets older. 

Looking after your Fitbit means looking after the battery. Never charge unless you need to. You will start programming in memory if you start charging your battery when you still have 30% left. 

Let the battery run down as low as possible before charging your Fitbit. That is great if you can get it down to 5% before you start charging. In particular, this issue seems to apply to the newer Fitbits. 

In Conclusion

Fitbit is one of the best and easiest to use fitness trackers. But, if you are already using other apps and trackers, you will know all apps and trackers have auto-synch problems from time to time. The same thing applies when you have a soundbar connected to your TV. 

You have to be prepared to fix issues with all your apps. For example, your Fitbit not auto-syncing may happen to you. It is best to be patient with a fitness tracker. Bookmark this page just in case you have a problem.