Fitbit And Peloton [All You Need to Know]

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Can I use my Fitbit during my Peloton workout? Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers, and Peloton ranks high in home exercise systems. As a fitness enthusiast, you would probably like to know if you can use your fitness tracker during your Peloton workout. 

It was back in 2017 when Fitbit and Peloton announced they would be working together. Today, it is a very popular partnership. Does it work well? Yes, it does, but that does not mean there have not been issues along the way. A few weeks into 2021, many users started to notice connectivity issues. However, the Fitbit app and Peloton generally make a good partnership and work well together. 

You will be pleased to know that your Fitbit app works with your Peloton app as a third-party app. Peloton also lets you record your workout stats in your Fitbit account. 

Fitbit has become a valuable tool for monitoring your overall fitness in the countries where the Peloton is available. So carry on reading to learn more about setting up your tracker to work with your Peloton bike. 

Does Fitbit Work With Peloton? 

Not all workout programs work well with Fitbit. However, Peloton is one fitness accessory that works well with a smartwatch. When you like to monitor your fitness progress, the fact you can upload your Peloton metrics automatically to your device is a significant benefit. All you have to do is to sync the two. 

What Metrics Are Recorded On Your Fitbit? 

Once the two have been synced, you simply have to sign into your Fitbit every time you go for a ride on your Peloton. 

These are the metrics you get once you have synced your device and Peloton bike:

  • Distance covered
  • The duration of your workout
  • Number of calories burned

You get the best of both worlds as you can fully integrate your Peloton bike workouts into Fitbit data. Most fitness enthusiasts like to measure their overall fitness data to make sure they are making progress. This is especially important when you want to log vital fitness metrics such as calories burned. So Peloton and Fitbit do make good fitness buddies. 

How Can I Connect Fitbit to Peloton? 

Connecting your tracker and Peloton bike is not very difficult. All you have to do is to link your Peloton to your Fitbit account. Once you have set up the connection, you can share personal Peloton workout metrics. Use the following method to upload your Peloton workout to your Fitbit metrics log.

  1. Once you have completed your workout, go to the Peloton’s touch screen and select the Share button. This button should bring up the Fitbit option.
  2. When you have signed into your account on the Peloton bike, the metrics from the bike should automatically appear in your Fitbit account. 
  3. After the initial log-in, all of your future completed workouts should automatically upload to your Fitbit account when you work out on your bike. 

Unlike many other at-home workout programs, Peloton and Fitbit have been adapted to work well with each other. As a result, you don’t need to worry about having technical skills to connect your Peloton and Fitbit. 

The Fitbit Heart-rate Monitor and The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

At the moment, Peloton owners can’t use their Fitbit as a heart rate during Peloton workouts. This is because Peloton uses a different heart-rate monitoring system compared to Fitbit. In addition, the ANT+ system used by Peloton is not supported by the device or Apple Watch, for that matter. 

Does this mean you can’t use your tracker to monitor your heart rate during your Peloton rides? You can still monitor your heart ratebut you must do so separately in your Fitbit account. 

The heart rate monitor used by Peloton is a strap that you buckle up around your chest when you want to note your heart rate. It is the kind of heart monitor used in fitness clinics and during training sessions for events. Is it better? Many serious athletes would say so, but the heart-rate feature on smart devices also gives you important data. 

If you want the heart rate monitor to provide data to your Peloton app, you need the Versa Fitbit model.

Which Fitbit Model Works Best With Peloton? 

Can I buy a Fitbit that works perfectly together with my Peloton? When you are a fan of both, you may want to think about buying a Fitbit Versa 2. It allows you to upload your heart rate data to the Peloton app using Bluetooth. It still can’t display your data on the Peloton screen, but you can track when you work out as part of your workout metrics. 

Syncing Problems Between Your Device and Peloton? A Few Tips That Can Fix Them

At the beginning of 2021, Fitbit users began experiencing sync issues with their Peloton workouts. For some reason, their detailed Peloton metrics would not automatically sync to their Fitbit accounts. The problem appeared to stem from an issue that arose after an automatic Peloton update. 

Users also reported being kicked out of their accounts when they signed in on their Peloton bikes. In addition, some reported they could not log into Fitbit using Peloton’s Share feature. 

If this happens, you can try force quitting your app and restarting it. After that, go back into your Fitbit account using the Peloton Share function. Often, doing a force-stop resets connectivity issues. 

One solution does not seem to have worked for everybody. If restarting your Fitbit app does not work, there is another fix you can try to fix sync issues. 

A popular fix for sync issues is to log out of your Fitbit account on the bike and then log back in again. This seems to work when you get “kicked out.” 

You can also try manually accessing the workout once it has been completed. You can do this by using the Share icon on the Peloton dashboard to share and manually selecting your tracker. You will be prompted to sign in again, but it has been reported to work for some users. 

Also, ensure you have installed all of the latest software updates on your device. Once you have done an update, it should automatically sync.

If this continues to be a problem, it is essential to report it. After all, Peloton is a recognized third-party app, and there should not be any problems. You can contact Peloton support on the Peloton home page. Explain what tracker you are using and that it does not automatically sync.

What Are The Benefits of Syncing the Two Devices? 

One of the top benefits of syncing Peloton and Fitbit is monitoring your overall fitness goals more closely. If you are already taking part in other fitness classes, including spinning, you will probably recognize that it is important to keep track of all your activity. 

The main benefit of connecting Fitbit to Peloton is that you can track your calorie intake. Balancing your intake with how many calories you burn is essential to working out to get fit. Remember that calories are not necessarily about weight loss. When you are training for a specific fitness goal tracking the number of calories is an important part of your overall fitness strategy. 

Spinning is a fantastic way of burning fat and balancing energy levels. Find out how many calories you burn during a spin workout

Of course, by linking your Fitbit and Peloton, you can also check your Fitbit device’s ride duration and distance metrics. 

What If I Don’t Have a Fitbit? 

There is an industry rumor that Peloton is thinking about launching their own wearables fitness trackers. But, if you don’t want to wait for that to happen, you should consider buying a Fitbit. It is one of the best fitness trackers for general health and fitness. 

The following Fitbit devices are compatible with the Peloton app:

  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Fitbit Versa 2

Here is a list of Fitbit smartwatches that work with the Peloton when you want to log your ride workouts: 

  • Fitbit Charge 4
  • Fitbit Luxe
  • Fitbit Ace 3
  • Fitbit Inspire 2
  • Fitbit Charge 5

Remember, there is a difference between being compatible with the app and working well with Fitbit. So first, you must figure out which option is the best for you. 

Final Thoughts on Fitbit Peloton

Yes, being able to sync Peloton and Fitbit is excellent. When doing so, you get a chance to more accurately note the full scope of your fitness and health data. In addition, you can quickly tell if you are making progress. 

Are there any other fitness apps that connect with Fitbit? Yes, other fitness apps connect with Fitbit. Popular choices include MyFitnessPal, Misfit, and Polar. Apps and fitness trackers such as Fitbit have become essential to fitness. They help motivate us and provide us with important fitness data we can put to good use.