Fitbit Sense Screen Replacement: All You Need to Know

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Can you repair a Fitbit Sense cracked screen? The Fitbit community loves to exchange ideas, solutions, and tips for their Fitbits. For instance, is there such a thing as a Fitbit Sense screen replacement?

According to Fitbit, there is no such thing as replacement screens. As a matter of fact, on most occasions, Fitbit does not offer a replacement screen even when your Fitbit Sense is still under warranty. As Fitbit Sense is not a cheap device, this seems unfair. Buying a new Fitbit is the last thing you want to do when you only have yours for a few weeks. To make matters worse, a full refund is more or less unheard of in Fitbit community forums.

Are there outside services you can use when your new Sense has ended up with a cracked screen? Let’s learn more about what you can do when your new watch ends up with a cracked screen.

Can I Replace My Screen?

It is highly unlikely that you will talk a Fitbit moderator into exchanging your new device. However, that does not mean you should rush out and buy a new Fitbit. Instead, it is a good idea to explore other ways in which you can repair your Fitbit Sense.

One way of getting your Fitbit Sense repaired is to take it to a workshop. It is a popular fix. Unauthorized repair shops are beginning to spring up all over the place. If you can’t find a repair shop close to you, you may be able to find one online. It is not only Fitbit Sense users who take their devices to repair shops or send them away. Many other users of fitness trackers also use repair shops to get their fitness devices repaired.

The problem is that genuine Fitbit products and services are far and few in between. So if you are unfortunate enough to crack your Fitbit Sense screen, it is best to try and find a solution yourself.

Can I order Fitbit Sense replacement parts? You can contact various services online should you want to go down this route. Many Fitbit customers order parts online when they don’t get help from the company.

Often, the parts are delivered in a kit format. So not only do you get the replacement part, but you also get the tools to change the problem part.

Is it easy to repair a Fitbit Sense? If you have never done it before, it would be fair to say that it is not particularly easy. However, if a friend or someone in your family is good at repairing tech gear, clocks, or watches, they may be able to help your repair your Fitbit Sense.

If you want to repair your Fitbit Sense, you can watch a YouTube video to see how it is done. Unfortunately, as far as Fitbit Sense YouTube video goes, there is nothing available directly from Fitbit. So instead, you often end up watching a video made by someone with previous experience repairing fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Is Fitbit Sense a Poor Design?

This question keeps popping up in forums. There seem to be a few issues with the home screen as far as Fitbit Sense is concerned. Does this affect the screen itself?

Most Fitbit Sense users would probably say that some of the issues with Fitbit Sense have more to do with the Fitbit app. The screen itself is probably not such an issue.

Does the Fitbit Sense screen crack more often than other Fitbit screens? That is a good question. For some reason, issues with the screen on Fitbit Sense pop up more frequently in community forums. According to Fitbit, the screen on the Fitbit Sense is made from high-quality materials, just like the screens on other versions of Fitbit.

Why Do Fitbit Screens Crack?

Screens on fitness trackers crack for all sorts of reasons. If the screen crack is bad, you have to replace the entire tracker or try to get it repaired.

Looking after your screen is an important part of caring for your Fitbit Sense tracker. One of the best ideas is to invest in a screen protector. We are going to talk more about screen protectors later.

How To Look After Your Screen on Your Fitbit Sense

Like any other fitness tracker screen, the Fitbit Sense screen does not like hot or cold.

This is an excellent example of what not to do. If you have just watched your hands in cold water, don’t immediately expose your Fitbit screen to heat. Likewise, when planning on jumping into a hot shower after a cold water swim, it is best to take your Fitbit off.

When you put your Fitbit down, make sure you put it down with the screen facing upwards. Any screen can quickly become damaged when you put it down with the screen facing the table or desk. Maybe you put it down a bit hard or threw it down accidentally.

Also, when you clean your Fitbit Sense, you need to be mindful. Never use an abrasive cloth or a pad that is even slightly abrasive. Just like when you clean a pair of glasses or a regular watch, you need to be careful.

Clean your Fitbit Sense using a soft cloth and preferably no detergent. If you have ended up with a hard-to-remove stain on the screen, use an eyeglass cleaning solution but take care to use only a small amount.

Fitbit will not even consider a replacement if you have not looked after your device correctly.

Reasons You Should Purchase a Fitbit Screen Protect

Many companies make screen protectors for Fitbit Sense and other Fitbit versions. Previously, we have completed a review of screen protectors.

But why should you go to the added expense of buying a screen protector for your Fitbit Sense?

Are Screen Protectors Expensive?

Compared to your Fitbit Sense, buying a screen protector or a bundle of screen protectors is not expensive. Buying a screen protector is much cheaper than replacing your Fitbit Sense because of a broken screen. It is an easy fix when it comes to protecting your Fitbit Sense.

When you like open water swimming, you should certainly make sure you use a screen protector. Saltwater is very abrasive and easily damages your screen. Not only the salt crystals in the seawater can damage your Fitbit Sense. Other minerals found in salt water can also damage your screen.

Swimming in freshwater is also known to cause damage to screens. Tiny particles from natural materials often float close to the surface.

Sun Damage to Your Fitbit

Can your Fitbit screen become damaged by the sun? The answer to that is an overwhelming yes. This is becoming a more frequent problem as far as all fitness trackers are concerned, not only Fitbit Sense. Maybe the UV rays from the sun are increasing in intensity as it seems that many fitness trackers users complain about this problem.

Be aware that this can happen very quickly. The best thing you can do is to buy a screen protector containing extra protection against UV rays.

Your Fitbit picks up extra UV rays when you are on the beach or just out and about in a sunny area or country.

Can pollution damage the screen on my Fitbit Sense? The jury is out on this issue, but people living in large urban areas or cities with higher than average pollution levels complain of “yellowing” of the screen. Could pollution cause this? There is a possibility.

When you are concerned about water, UV rays, and pollution damaging the screen on your Fitbit Sense, it is best to use disposable screen protectors. Buy a bundle and change them every day or when you feel it is appropriate.

More minor dings and scratches are annoying. You be surprised how easy they are to pick up on a fitness tracker screen. Once you have picked up a small scratch, it may even annoy you so much that your feel like buying a replacement for your Fitbit Sense. Instead of going to that expense, buy a screen protector from day one. Putting a screen protector on your Fitbit device is no hassle and only takes about a minute.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can replace the screen on your Fitbit Sense and possibly on another device or watch you may have. But, the best answer to the problem is that you look after your Fitbit Sense device in the first place. Do your best to avoid getting damaged in the first place.

After all, you are probably taking steps to protect your phone screen. Read our screen protector review and find the one that is right for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of a Fitbit replacement or repair.