Why Is My Fitbit Sense Stuck on the Logo Screen? [Easy Fix]

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If you own a Fitbit Sense, your fitness tracker has probably become an invaluable part of your life by now. Most Fitbit watches or fitness trackers are robust, but it does not mean you are not going to experience problems from time to time. So let’s take a look at how you can solve the problem of your Fitbit being stuck on the Fitbit logo screen, also known as the “Boot Loop.” 

Reasons for Fitbit’s Stuck on Logo Screen

There are several factors that play a role. We have included the most common and frequent on our list: 

  • Third-party clock faces

  • Software updates

  • Firmware updates

  • Mismatch in software

Third-Party Clock Faces

Fitbit third-party clock faces are very popular. Although many of them are good, they can cause problems with Fitbit integration. It is not uncommon to notice a certain level of incompatibility between the third-party clock face and the firmware on your device. 

Most of the time, it is down to a mismatch in the operating software. For instance, the watch face may be outdated or not meant for your particular Fitbit. Before installing a third-party clock face on your Fitbit Sense, ensure it is compatible with your Fitbit device. 

Have you missed out on a software update?

When it comes to our fitness devices and smartwatches, technology and updates move so fast that keeping up-to-date with new software releases is next to impossible. Also, every time a new software update is released, it can affect any third-party software you are running. 

Common issues include having Fitbit app problems or your device not working properly. In a worst-case scenario, it can make pairing the app and the device difficult. Before installing any software update, it is best to check that it is the right software for your device. Don’t forget that third-party app companies may also be short-lived, increasing the risk of incompatibilities.

Fortunately, there are very few Fitbit Sense problems recorded regarding genuine Fitbit updates. But, that does not mean they don’t happen. It is always best to check if an update is the cause of the problem before you take more drastic measures. 

What About Firmware Updates? 

One common problem after updating your device and perhaps downloading mismatched software is that your Fitbit gets stuck in what is known as a boot loop. What does this mean? 

It means that the watch repeatedly restarts itself but never fully boots up. Most of the time, the problem is resolved if you revert to an older firmware version. 

Should the problem continue, it is often an indication that the cause is a mismatch between the firmware update of the watch and the phone’s software. Ensure you update your phone and watch to the latest software versions available. The watch or device’s boot up process should then complete smoothly.

Fitbit Devices: Software Mismatches on Fitbit Devices

This does not only happen between phones and fitness watches. It can happen between other devices as well. When software updates go out of sync, it can cause many problems, including being stuck on the Fitbit logo and the Bluetooth connection dropping out. 

Many Fitbit users complain that their Fitbit Sense or other Fitbit devices get stuck on the Fitbit logo for hours or even longer. All of a sudden, the watch restarts on its own. 

When your Fitbit is stuck on the logo screen for more than a couple of hours, you really need to find out why. If you can’t find the answer in Fitbit forums or technical sites, I suggest you try to contact customer support. They will probably not change your Fitbit Sense, but they may provide good advice.

Fixing Fitbit Sense Stuck on Logo Screen

There are various ideas that you can try. But, without making it too complicated, here are a few things you can try: 

  • Do a factory reset

  • Restart your Fitbit device.

  • Restart your device 20 times. 

  • Disconnect the device from your phone and reconnect it. 

Also, did you install the clock face correctly? 

How to Restart Your Fitbit Device

One of the easiest options is to restart your Fitbit. On most occasions, this fix does the trick.

Simply press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The logo reappears, and everything is okay. The device restarts automatically. This is the best way of solving minor software programs associated with Fitbit Sense and other devices. It may even work on your mobile Android phone if it gets stuck on the front or password screen. 

But, when the problem continues, you have other options that you can try. 

Doing a factory reset is really the last resort. Before you go ahead and do a factory reset, the smart money is on contacting Fitbit support. It is a pretty extreme action. Fitbit support may have other advice when you explain what steps you have gone through. 

The problem is that it returns the device to the factory default settings. Okay, it can help to fix mismatched software, but doing a factory reset is not really recommended. 

If you think a factory reset is the only option left, you must hold down the button on your device for 20 seconds. To be honest, it almost feels a bit too simple. 

When you do a factory default reset, the Fitbit logo disappears and reappears. This is an indication that the reset is complete. 

A word of warning before you do the factory reset. Before you go ahead, make sure you remove all custom applications and other changes you have made to your watch. This should ensure you will not have any problems starting your Fitbit device again. 

Do you really need to restart your watch 20 times?

On one Fitbit forum, a Fitbit user suggested restarting your watch 20 times. If you have not tried this, it is certainly a solution worth trying. 

Apparently, it seems to work for some but not for others. It could have something to do with your Fitbit model. Maybe it works for Fitbit Sense but not for others. 

Give it a go before you do the factory default reset. It would be interesting to know what Fitbit themselves think about this idea. It does not seem to be one of their “official” recommendations. 

Disconnecting Your Phone’s Bluetooth Settings

If your Fitbit is still displaying the logo, another trick you can try is to disconnect the phone. 

While your phone is disconnected from your device, check for software updates for your phone. 

It could be that your phone has missed out on software updates crucial to the syncing between your Fitbit watch and your phone. Removing your phone is easy. 

  • Remove your Fitbit Sense from the Fitbit app.

  • Go to Stop or Force Your Fitbit App

  • Turn off Bluetooth.

  • Re-open your app and reconnect with your Fitbit.

Be aware that there could be a problem with syncing with your phone. This can happen if your phone’s software has had an update. Perhaps it did not install. 

As mentioned, check for software updates for your phone. You may even want to switch off your phone and restart it before setting up your Fitbit Sense using Bluetooth. 

A top tip is to ensure your Fitbit Sense is close to your phone. 

Could it be my charging cable? 

If you have a problem with your charging cable, it means your Fitbit can’t be charged properly. 

When the battery level is low, the device may not be able to boot up completely. This is another issue worth considering. Always look after your cable; without it, you can’t charge your smartwatch. 

What About Water Damage? 

Yes, water damage can affect the way your Fitbit Sense functions. Your Fitbit Sense is water resistant up to 50 meters. But excess shower water pressure or hot water can cause a problem as it may cause the casing to expand. 

Should I contact customer support?

Yes, it is a good idea to contact support and ask for advice. Maybe you should consider asking for a replacement. 

You are entitled to a replacement if your Fitbit is still within its warranty period. Make sure you keep the receipt and the original box that came with your Fitbit Sense. 

Final Thoughts on Fitbit Sense Stuck on Logo Screen

To avoid any kind of problems with the operating system on your Fitbit, make sure you only purchase official products. When you install unofficial products that cause your Fitbit Sense to fail completely, you don’t have any comeback with Fitbit. You will have to buy a new device. 

Software is very important. It is okay to go ahead and buy wristbands and other physical Fitbit accessories, but installing anything other than Fitbit-authorised software is not recommended.