What Does The Green Dot On Apple Watch Mean?

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What does the green dot on Apple Watch mean? It means that you have unread notifications. 

To see your notifications on Apple Watch, swipe down, and you can view your notifications. 

The green dot appears on the screen when you have notifications. However, it must be said that it depends on your version of the Apple Watch. On some versions of the Apple Watch, a red dot pops up and tells you that you have notifications. 

The green dot can also mean something else. Let’s find out. 

The Mystery of the Green Dot Solved

The green dot lets you know when you have notifications

Your Apple Watch likes to keep you up to date. So, for instance, if you have missed a call, you may notice the green dot pops up or starts to flash. 

If you have not been in the range of your iPhone, you may have missed a call or notification. Don’t worry; the green dot will appear and let you know you have notifications. 

Once you are within range of your iPhone again, your Apple Watch lets you know you have notifications waiting for you. 

As mentioned, it can be anything from a missed call to other notifications, including text messages and social media notifications. 

What To Do When You Have Been Away from Your iPhone?

When you come back to within the range of your iPhone, place your Apple Watch near your phone. It is OK to place your wrist close to your phone. You don’t have to take your watch off. 

Once your iPhone picks up the proximity of your Apple Watch, it automatically checks for notifications. 

Look at your watch, and you should notice a red dot blinking. Once the red dot has finished blinking, it turns into solid green. 

What If I Can’t Get Rid Of the Green Dot? 

Does the dot disappear on its own? 

The dot does not always disappear on its own. 

It is easy to assume that it will disappear once you have dealt with all your missed calls. 

That does not always happen, which may depend on your version of the Apple Watch. 

When the green dot persistently stays there, you need to find out what is going on with your iPhone. 

One way of dealing with this persistent green dot is to clear your recent calls from your phone. When you have done that, the green dot should disappear. 

If that does not happen, you may have to force a stop on your Apple Watch and restart it. That should clear the green dot. 

When you force stop on your Apple Watch, you should make sure your notifications are clear on your iPhone. Otherwise, the green dot may appear again. 

Leave your Apple Watch switched off for a few minutes and then switch it back on again. 

Can I Get Rid of the Green Dot Permanently? 

This question comes up a lot in forums. 

You can’t get rid of the green dot permanently. For some reason, many Apple Watch users find the green dot annoying.

But, it is there for a reason. The second you come into the range of your iPhone, and you have a notification, the green dot appears.

The only way you can get rid of the green dot is to deal with your notifications on your phone. For example, it should disappear once you have dealt with a missed call. 

If you have more than one notification on your iPhone, the green dot stays on the screen until you have dealt with all of your notifications. 

For instance, this is common if you have been away from your iPhone or had your device in airplane mode. 

The Green Dot in Activity

When the green dot appears next to one or more activity rings, it tells you recorded at least one workout on the day with the Workout app. 

If you want to view previous workouts, you can do so in the Activity app.

Final Thoughts

Apple Watch does have a lot of various colored dots. When you are not sure what the colored dots mean, please feel free to carry on exploring our site.

We are doing our best not only to solve the mystery of the green dot on the Apple Watch but many of the other dots that appear. 

Please feel free to read about what we would like to call our Apple Watch Dot series.