What Is The Green Light Under the Apple Watch?

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What is the green light under the Apple Watch? The green light under your Apple Watch is one of the sensors. The light shines hundreds of times per second. This is how Apple Watch measures your heart rate. 

On this page, we are turning the attention to the sensors on Apple Watch. First, we will find out what they do and how they work. Also, we are exploring how you can make the most of them. 

It is time to solve the mystery of the green light under the Apple Watch!

What Is the Purpose of the Green and Red Lights on the Bottom of the Apple Watch?

When you first use your Apple Watch, you will notice that it has both a red and green light. 

What are they for? Don’t worry, both the green and red lights have a function to fill. To make it easier to understand what they do, we will break it down for you. 

Apple Watch uses green LED light technology to measure blood flow. In turn, this helps to determine the actual heart rate. From time to time, especially when you exercise, you will notice that the green light is more active. 

Of course, when you are exercising, your heart rate is faster. 

Why does heart rate matter? Your heart rate is an essential indicator of how intensely your exercise. When your heart rate reaches a specific zone, your body starts to burn more sugars and carbohydrates. If you are trying to lose weight or reduce your body fat, this natural function of the body is what leads to fat loss. 

What about the red light on your Apple Watch? The red light measures blood oxygen levels on Apple Watch Series 6 and 7. 

Why does the blood’s oxygen level matter? The blood oxygen level is critical when you exercise. The more oxygen your bloodstream can transport to your lungs, the more intensely you can work out. 

Many fail to appreciate that oxygen is one of the most potent cleansers known to man. It helps to refresh the cells, making our bodies function better. Your body produces impurities all of the time. When you have a high oxygen saturation level, impurities are removed quicker. This lets you work out harder as it increases the amount of oxygen available in your lungs. 

Walking is one of the best ways to increase the oxygen level in your blood. Walking 20,000 steps a day will radically increase your oxygen level. Apple Watch helps to record your exercise. You will soon notice you have a better blood oxygen level. 

A great way to get to know your Apple Watch better. 

Why Does the Green Light on Apple Watch Stay On? 

More often than not, it means that the Apple Watch still thinks you are doing a workout. 

Although the watch checks your heart rate during the day, there is no reason why the green light should always stay on. 

If you notice this, you should check that you don’t have a workout session running in the background. Forgetting to end a workout session is easy, mainly if you use a third-party app. 

Check that you have ended and completed all workout sessions. If the green light still stays on, you can restart your Apple Watch

How Do You Turn Off the Green Light on Your Apple Watch? 

Can I turn off the green light on my Apple Watch?

Yes, you most certainly can turn off the green light. But why should you want to? The heart rate is a really good indicator of overall health. 

As a matter of fact, there are many smart ways you can use the green light on your Apple Watch. 

We are coming to that in a minute. But, first of all, this is how you turn off the green light on your Apple Watch:

  • Press the digital crown located at the side of the Apple Watch
  • Scroll down to find settings and tap
  • Find privacy and tap
  • Now tap health followed by taping heart rate
  • You can now switch off heart rate

How To Make the Most Out of the Heart Rate Function on Apple Watch

You can use the green heart rate function when you work out. 

The heart rate function is an excellent way of monitoring how your heart performs during the day. 

For instance, when trying to add extra steps to your daily routine, you can use the heart rate monitor function. You can open the Heart Rate app anytime to check how your heart is doing. 

This is an excellent way of discovering how your heart performs under different kinds of strain. 

When you want to get fitter and healthier, the small things you do matter just as much as your daily workout session. You can even say they are a better indicator of your general fitness. 

Why? It has to do with endurance.

For instance, you can choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will notice your heart rate is faster the first time you do so. As you progress by taking the stairs several times daily, your heart rate improves. 

You can monitor this on your Apple Watch. 

Walking is another exercise you can probably do more of during the day. It also increases your endurance. 

Start by getting off the bus one stop sooner than your normal one and walk the rest of the way. You will probably arrive at the office feeling a bit out of breath during the first week. Check your heart rate, and you will soon see that it has increased. 

You should notice a clear improvement after a couple of weeks of doing the same exercise. 

These are two more smart ways of making the most out of your Apple Watch daily. 

Final Thoughts

The green light under Apple Watch is nothing to worry about at all. Instead, it is there to help to guide you on your fitness journey. 

It is a sensor that provides essential information. What you do with that information is what matters.