How to Change Ringtone On Apple Watch?

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Can you change the ringtone on your Apple Watch to anything you want? The answer is, in general, no, but there seems to be a little hack you may be able to use. You can change the ringtone on your Apple Watch to the selected ringtones which are already available on your Apple Watch. But, you can download other ringtones to personalize your Apple Watch.

Can you get your Apple Watch to mirror the ringtones on your iPhone? Unfortunately, you are not meant to do that either. Most of us would like to change the ringtones on our devices to reflect who we are. But it appears that Apple does not want us to stick with Apple Watch ringtones.

How To Change Your Ringtone on Apple Watch

In its favor, it is relatively easy to change Apple Watch ringtones. Of course, it would be better if you could download other ringtones and customize your Apple Watch.

But, since that is impossible, you must stick to changing the ringtone on your Apple Watch with one of the Apple Watch’s preselected ringtones.

Changing Your Apple Watch Ringtones in Easy-to-Follow Steps

If you are not happy with having the same ringtone all of the time, you should change it. This is how to do it.

To get custom ring tones, you will need iTunes as you need an audio clip to convert and use as a ringtone. To make the process easier, it is best to choose your ringtone in advance.

The ringtone file you choose should be about 40 seconds long. As a matter of fact, you cannot copy ringtones that are longer than 40 seconds to iWatches. If the file is too large, you can use an audio editor to change it. Perhaps you would like to use part of a favorite piece of music as a ringtone. There are several different audio editors out there. A good one that is easy to use is It is super easy to use.

Does this always work? Many have tried and said that it works. If it does not work after repeated attempts, it may be best not to try again. Does trying to change the ring tone invalidate the limited Apple Watch warranty? That is a good question. When it comes to changing Apple Watch’s ringtone, the terms and conditions do not make it very clear if doing so is allowed or not.

Other Things You Need to Know About the Apple Watch Ringtones

You need to know other things about your watch’s audio and notification settings. Perhaps your ringtone is too loud. In that case, it is good to know how to change audio and notification settings.

Changing the Volume on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch change volume

Can I Mute My Apple Watch From My iPhone?

Mute Apple Watch from iPhone

Yes, you can, and it is really easy to do. Open up the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then tap sounds and haptics. You can now set your Apple Watch to silent, which is great when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Muting Your Apple Watch Directly From the Device

Mute Apple Watch

You can easily mute your Apple Watch directly from your device. Once again, once you get used to it, it is not very difficult to do.

Can I Change the Ringtone on Other Smart Watches?

It would appear that Apple does not like to make it easy. It is very protective of its ringtone and haptic alerts. Most other smartwatch makers allow you to change the ringtone with more flexibility.

Perhaps it is about time Apple made it easier for its users to set their own custom ringtones. It is a shame that the watch can’t mirror the ringtones on the iPhone.

In Conclusion

Did it work for you to change your Apple watch’s ringtone? It seems to depend on the Apple Watch series. Although Apple has produced a watch with many features, it would be nice if there were easier ways to customize it.

After all, most of us would like to customize our devices to make the user experience more personal. Being stuck with the same ringtone gets boring after a while.