How to change the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit on the Fitbit Sense? [Easy]

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Do you remember when your mobile phone was just used to make calls? Do you remember when your smartwatch was just a pedometer tracking the number of steps?

Nowadays, our phone is a smartphone, and our smartwatch is getting smarter and smarter. The Fitbit Sense is one of these new devices that allows you to monitor your heart rate, stress level, respiration, blood oxygen saturation, track your workout or yoga session, listen to music, etc. The list is nearly endless.

But at the end of the day, knowing what the Weather is or will be is a standard feature found on any Fitbit device. That’s useful when planning for an evening run after a long workday.

This article will let you know two things that may appear obvious, but we hope that we will save you time and potential frustration if you are not a Fitbit tracker expert.

Ready, let’s dive into it and begin with the basics.

How do I check the WeatherWeather on a Fitbit Sense?

Checking the WeatherWeather on a Fitbit Sense can be done in different ways. 

The first one is to install a clock face that will allow a glance at the weather forecasts. 

Better than telling you to look at your watch, we suggest that you watch the little video clip we recorded for you. As you will see, this is simple to know if you need an umbrella or not.

We are often asked why the WeatherWeather does not update automatically on your Fitbit Sense, requesting you to have to open the App on your phone and sync the device to get the current WeatherWeather.

Don’t worry. This is not a bug. This is just linked to your privacy settings. If you want the WeatherWeather to update regularly, change your privacy settings on your phone and set the Location Access from “while using the App” to “Always.” This is a simple tip, but we are convinced that you will make the most of it. 

Now, you know how to look at the weather data without having to sync your Fitbit Sense all the time.

What about the temperature unit? Do you prefer Fahrenheit to Celsius? No problem, let’s change that. 

How to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit?[And reciprocally]

Do not tap on your Fitbit Sense screen and dig into the built-in settings if you want to change the units of the weather app. You do have the weather app installed, don’t you? If you do not just open the App, tap on your account icon and device image, tap on the gallery icon, and access the list of apps. You should see the weather app. Just install it. Done!

Let’s go back to the units. Here again, we shot a little video that will show you how to proceed. 

If you prefer to follow an SOP, no problem, here it is:

  1. Open the App on your iOS or Android smartphone,
  2. Tap on Today,
  3. Tap on the account icon (in the top left corner of your phone),
  4. Tap on your device (Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Versa),
  5. Tap on “App Settings”
  6. Tap on “Units.” This should open a menu where you will access all customizable units, not the temperature ones. Just select your favorite temperature unit, and do not forget to synchronize your Fitbit device for the changes to take effect.

To wrap up

We hope that we have convinced you that the Fitbit Sense or Versa are much more than Fitness trackers and will diligently tell you about the weather forecasts. Selecting the units is a simple process. By following our advice, you will in no time get the temperature in Fahrenheit degrees.