How to find my apple watch if it’s dead? [Easy Fix]

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Have you lost your Apple Watch? If you have lost your Apple Watch and it isn’t responding, it may be “dead,” meaning completely out of battery. Can you find a dead Apple watch? Yes, you can. On this page, we are going to explore how to do it. 

Finding a dead or lost Apple Watch should be easy. Start by opening Find My App and selecting your Apple smartwatch from the list of devices. The last known location of your Apple Watch should appear, and from there, you should be able to locate your Apple device. 

Misplacing electronic devices is easy. Fortunately, if you have an Apple Watch, you can locate it with the Find My iPhone feature. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do when you have lost your Apple Watch or other Apple device. 

What You Need to Know About Finding a Missing Apple Watch

You need to use the Find My app when you want to find your missing Apple Watch. The application is built-in. You can use the app to register your Apple devices and track them should they go missing. But, to take advantage of this app, you first need to switch it on. 

Should your watch be offline, the Find My app shows its last known location before it shut down. 

This is what you need to do: 

  • Go to the Find My App on your iPad or Phone
  • Click on the Device section
  • Once you click on the Device section, a map pops up. 
  • Select the relevant device from the Find My enabled devices list. 
  • Once you have selected the device, click on the Directions tab. You should see the last location of your device. 

Perhaps you left it in the gym. Unfortunately, finding the last location of your Apple Watch or other devices does not mean it is still there. Someone may have picked it up. 

Finding Your Lost Device From Your Computer

Not only can you use your iPhone or iPad to find your lost watch. You can also find it using your computer. To do that, you need to access your iCloud account

How to find your missing Apple Watch from your computer: 

  • Go to
  • Enter your personal Apple ID and password
  • Next, it asks you for your verification code. 
  • Go to find iPhone and iPad button
  • Once again, a map appears
  • Click All Devices 
  • Next, click on Apple Watch

Switching On Find My iPhone

Before you go ahead and track any iOS device using Find iPhone App, you need to set up the tracking feature. There is no trick to it. Just follow the below instructions:

Click on the Settings App

  • Click on your name
  • Tap the “Find My” button that appears on the next page
  • Click on Find My iPhone Button
  • Now you need to enable Offline Finding
  • Switch on the Send Last Location

Can You Find Your Apple Watch A Device Belonging to Someone Else? 

If you are in the gym and have lost your Apple Watch, you can ask another Apple user if they can help to find your lost device. 

  • From your borrowed iPad or iPhone
  • Tap on the Find My app
  • Tap on the Me tab
  • Find the Help a Friend section and tap on it
  • You will now need to follow the steps as indicated.

Marking Your Apple Watch as Lost

Can you mark your Apple Watch as lost? Yes, you can. It is another option that is available to Apple device users. 

Look in the Devices tap and find the Lost option. When you click on it, it locks your Apple Watch. At the same time, the watch displays a message screen. So if someone with less than good intentions picks up your watch, they can’t use it once you enable lost mode. 

When you find your watch, you have to enter your password to access your Apple Watch.

Can You Prevent Your Watch or other Apple Device From Getting Lost? 

Of course, it is best to ensure you know where your device is. But, as we rely increasingly on mobile devices, it goes without saying we risk losing them. For example, your Apple Watch may become loose and fall off your wrist without you noticing. 

It is particularly easy to lose smaller devices such as smartwatches and iPhones. Just in case you are concerned about losing your device, we have put together an advice guide for you. 

Store Your Apple Watch Securely

Losing your watch in your own home is easy. You only need to put it down in the wrong place. Get into the habit of putting your device in the same place when you are not wearing it. Choose a dedicated drawer or jewelry box. 

Wearing It in The Right Way

 Apple Watches should not be worn too tight. Instead, you should wear them snuggly. Wearing your watch in the right way prevents accidental loss. 

Get A GPS Tile

You can install a GPS tile. It does not prevent you from losing your device, but it makes finding it easier when you have lost it. 

Never Forget to Enable Find My Application

One of the first things you should do is to enable the Find My app. It only takes a few minutes and makes life less frustrating. 

Can the Police Track a Stolen Apple? 

Yes, the police can help you. However, to make the job easier for the police, it is best to install a GPS tile. 

Is the Find My App Information Accurate? 

The app should be able to track down your Apple Watch to a range of 33 feet. Of course, it can be off by a small amount, but it is not a big deal. The Playing Sound Feature helps to make it easier to track down your lost watch. 

When Your Watch Is Online

When your watch is online, there is a feature that you can use. Go to the Find iPhone app and click on the Devices section. You should now be able to see if your watch is online. 

All you have to do now is to tap Play Sound. You should now hear a sound that makes it easier for you to track your watch. Of course, this depends on if your watch is connected to the Internet. For this to work, it has to have an Internet connection. 

 In Conclusion

If your watch battery has died, you can still see the last location of the watch before the battery died. Above all, remember it is essential to enable the Find My app. It can save time and make it easier for you if you have lost your Apple Watch.