What Does The Red Dot on Apple Watch Mean?

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The red dot on Apple Watch means you have unread an unread notification or notifications on your Apple Watch

Your unread notifications can come from several sources. They may relate to emails, alerts, missed phone calls, and unread messages. Does the red dot appear when I have a social media notification? Yes, that is the answer to that question. 

To check your notifications, all you have to do is to swipe down from the top of your Apple Watch screen. 

Is There A Way To Remove the Red Dot From The Apple Watch? 

Yes, you can remove the dot if you don’t find it helpful. 

When you want to clear the red dot, all you have to do is to swipe and check your notifications. 

Do I have to read them? If you don’t have time to read or deal with them immediately, you don’t have to. 

Simply swiping down should mark them as red and eliminate the red icon. 

Can I Get Rid Of the Red Dot on Apple Watch Permanently? 

Are you finding the red dot annoying? Unfortunately, many Apple Watch users find all of the different dots annoying. 

Fortunately, you can get rid of the red dot. This is the way to do it: 

  • Open the device which paired with your Apple Watch
  • Access MyWatch
  • Tap notifications
  • Toggle the switch for Notifications on Apple Watch

If you feel at some point you want to turn on the red dot indicator, all you have to do is to reverse what you just did. That turns the red dot notification on again. 

Hiding the Red Dot

An alternative to turning off the red dot on your Apple Watch is to hide it. However, when convenient, many find it easier to hide the red dot and turn it back on again

Wake up the screen by tapping on the display once. After that, press the digital crown. This opens up a list of apps on your Apple Watch. 

You now tap the gear icon to open Settings. Find notifications, swipe the switch next to where it says notifications indicator. When it turns gray, you have disabled the notifications. 

If it is green, the notifications are still enabled. 

The process is not irreversible; you can change it if you like. 

The Apple Watch as an extension of the iPhone

The problem with the red dot on Apple Watch is that many interpret it as a severe warning. They assume that something is wrong with their health.

This is one of the complaints that Apple has to deal with from time to time. But, as we have discovered, the red dot means something much more mundane. 

Perhaps, it would be fair to say that red was an unfortunate choice of color. 


Getting to Know Your Icons and Dots

Before you start using your Apple Watch, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the dots and icons on Apple Watch.

There are so many different icons and dots that it is challenging to track what they all mean. 

Remember that some Apple Watch models provide users with a cellular connection when not connected to your iPhone. That is why colored icons and dots pop up on some models when you don’t expect them. 


Can I Read My Notifications On My Apple Watch? 

Reading your notifications is relatively easy. All you have to do is swipe down from the top of your screen. 

You tap on them one by one to read them. Then, if you want to scroll through, you must use the digital crown on your Apple Watch. 

If you don’t need a notification, swipe left on the screen and tap the X key. Alternatively, you can delete notifications by scrolling down and tapping on “dismiss,” which is available at the bottom of the screen. 

Final Thoughts

Apple Watch is packed with handy user data and information. So if you find the red dot on Apple Watch annoying, all you have to do is to switch it off. 

When you want to know more about Apple Watch icons and colored dots, you can go ahead and read the rest of the information we have compiled for you.