Sweatcoin and Fitbit [What You SHould Know]

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The Sweatcoin app promises you to get paid to walk. Available for iOS and Android, Sweatcoin keeps track of your physical activity. The more steps you make, the more sweatcoin you will collect and the more gifts you will potentially get. Sweatcoin acts as a virtual currency that can be converted into gift cards, products, and even donations to charity.

Is Sweatcoins worth the sweat?

The object of this article is not to discuss the value of Sweatcoins and if the 80 million users of the App are wasting their time and sweat, but I can not resist giving you an example of how much I made today. Ready? Let’s get the figures right.

Today, I went for my Sunday morning exercise and ran more than 6 miles, corresponding to 13,546 steps. Not bad! How much do you think Sweatcoin will be me? Can you guess? $1? $5? More?

Let’s calculate that! So, my 13,546 steps convert to 9.5 sweatcoin. When looking at Sweatcoin Shop, you will need 5,000 sweatcoin to get a $25 Amazon Voucher…Do you see the point? Today, for my 6 miles, I made less than 5 cents, 4.75 cents to be accurate. At far less than 1 cent per mile, do not expect to make a side income with Sweatcoin, but it is better than nothing.

To continue evaluating the actual value of Sweatcoin, I decided to make a quick calculation. On average, a pair of running shoes will last from 300 to 500 miles. Let’s be generous and use the max value, 500 miles which will correspond to a Sweatcoin value of less than $4. The average price of a pair of running shoes in the US is $120! Thanks to the generosity of Sweatcoin, you will be able to save 3% on your next pair of running shoes. No comment!

If, after reading this calculation, you still want to use Sweatcoin and have not yet removed it from your phone, let’s check if you can use it with your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker. 

Do Fitbit work with Sweatcoin?

In a hurry? The answer is no! Despite the numerous requests from Fitbit and Sweatcoin users, the App is still not compatible with Fitbit. Do not look in Fitbit Apps Gallery. We did it for you. You will not find the Sweatcoin App. 

Some users reported that it might be possible to use a third-party app to synchronize the steps recorded by your Fitbit tracker with the Sweatcoin App. Unfortunately, we followed the complex steps they described, and the result was that it didn’t work!

As of this writing, Fitbit is incompatible with Sweatcoin, and not even third-party apps will do the trick.

What are the wearables compatible with Sweatcoin?

The Sweatcoin App is available natively for the Apple Watch, iPhones, and Android Phones. Even the official Sweatcoin website will tell you just that.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, we may find a very complex process involving numerous synchronization with third-party apps; you may find a way, but is it worth your precious time? 

After calculating the actual value of Sweatcoin, I have my answer, but you may have a different one. Anyway, keep walking and running, if not for the money, at least for the health benefits you will get from regular exercise.