Waze on Apple Watch: Myth or Reality?

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I use Waze all the time. It is my favorite navigation app. If you read this article, I guess that you share the same feelings towards it. The obvious question is to know if you can benefit from the social power of Waze on your Apple Watch as well? Unfortunately, the answer is No! Waze is not compatible with an Apple Watch and will probably never be for the reasons we will detail in this article.

But don’t worry if the Waze App is not for Apple Watch users; other apps that we will describe are and may be better suited for what you intend to do.

What Makes Waze so unique?

With 140 million monthly users worldwide and more than 30 million in the US, Waze is undoubtedly a success story. More than a simple navigation app aimed at bringing you from one point to another, Waze will do it in style. 

Waze benefits from its users’ online comments and location to recalculate the itinerary in real-time to avoid traffic congestion and even be more careful if an accident is detected.

Waze is the first social navigation app that lets users listen to their favorite music, podcast, or audiobook while driving. It is also possible to check for restaurants, gas prices, and even police checkpoints.

With so much to offer, there is no doubt that we would love to have it on our Apple Watch. But why is it unlikely to happen?

Why Is Waze unlikely to ever be part of the Apple Watch Ecosystem?

Even if I am not in the secrets of Waze’s strategy, two main reasons make it very unlikely that Waze will be available on the Apple Watch one day.

  1. Waze is primarily a car navigation app. Most of its benefits come when using a car or motorcycle. The Apple Watch is mainly used when walking, running, or exercising. When doing your morning or evening jog, there is little value to knowing that there is a traffic jam a couple of blocks away. It will probably not change your running path routine.
  2. Google owns Waze. We know that Apple and Google are competing companies that evolve in different ecosystems. When Apple relied on iOS, Google developed Android. The two companies compete on many different levels, and we suspect that neither one will be willing to make the other benefit from a technological advantage.

Waze Navigation App Alternatives for the Apple Watch

Even if Waze, for the reasons we described, will probably not be on your wrist anytime soon, there are somehow alternatives app that you may consider.

Google Maps

Let’s stick to the basics. Google Maps has been one of the pioneers in the online navigation space. Its navigation app may not be the most user-friendly, but it is undoubtedly one of the most accurate. Unfortunately, Google Maps was not available for the Apple Watch for a couple of years. We told you about the competing interest between Apple and Google, didn’t we? But, since 2020, Google Maps is back and is a solid choice when looking for an Apple Watch Compatible navigation app. 


No need to present Map anymore. When looking for a navigation app that will work flawlessly with any Apple products, Maps is the one to go for. Developed by Apple, Maps may not benefit from all of the features found in Google Maps, but it is natively installed on the Apple Watch and will bring you in no time where you want to go to.


CityMapper is more than a simple navigation app. It is a full Transit app that integrates smoothly with the Apple Watch and will tell you all you need to know if you want to walk, take the bus, metro or even use a scooter. CityMapper was one of the first apps to offer support for the Apple Watch and has only been becoming better over the years.

CityMapper will let you choose your mode of transportation and will synchronize the data between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. You will not have any more excuses if you arrive late for a meeting.

The only drawback of citymapper is that as a premium map, it requires additional payment to unlock all its features. Our advice is to try the free version first and then decide if the benefits it offers outweigh the costs.

To wrap up

Even if Waze is not available for the Apple Watch, there are plenty of alternatives when looking for a powerful alternative. Google Maps is an excellent choice. Even though Apple Maps is the company’s native app, you may consider it for all of your navigation needs.