What is the DND mode on Fitbit? [And Other Special Modes]

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The new Fitbit device owner has to be prepared to go on a journey to learn about their fitness tracker. There are certainly many technical terms you need to familiarize yourself with regarding your Fitbit. For instance, what is Fitbit DND Mode? 

This page is perfect for Fitbit newbies and more experienced Fitbit users. So carry on reading when you want to know more about your Fitbit and especially about its special modes.

What Are Fitbit Special Modes? 

DND is only one of the special modes you can get on Fitbit. Unfortunately, many people who buy Fitbits only think that you can track steps and fitness training. 

Fitbit is much more versatile than that. Use your Fitbit in the right way, and you can use it to monitor your overall health. That does not mean your Fitbit will indicate if you have a health problem. Instead, use it as a guide to your fitness and health. If you think that you have a problem, you can perhaps use the data when you visit your doctor or health professional. 

Here are some of the things that you can do with a Fitbit: 

  • Monitor your sleep pattern
  • Track your heart-rate
  • Keep track of the oxygen in your bloodstream
  • GPS tracking when exercising outside
  • Use your Fitbit to store and listen to music
  • Receive calls and texts
  • You can even pay for a purchase you want to make
  • Fitbit lets you log your meals and snacks, making it easy to keep track of your daily calorie intake. 

Another Fitbit mode that you may want to know more about is the water-lock mode. We will cover that as an added extra further down on this page. 

At first, it is key to understand that most of the “special modes” are available on all the devices: Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Sense.

What Is Fitbit DND Mode and How Set it Up? 

DND means Do Not Disturb. Just like one of those signs you hang up on your hotel room door. But, there is a little bit more to DND mode than just an icon. 

Pour yourself a coffee, sit down, and let us explain more about DND mode. 

Non-DND mode sends you information all of the time, including goal celebrations, phone calls, texts, calendar alerts, and other reminders. But, of course, there are times when you don’t want to be disturbed. When you don’t want to be disturbed, you can tell your Fitbit to leave you alone. 

Switching off notifications works slightly differently on the various models. You can check the information for your tracker on the Fitbit site. 

Most of the time, though, you go to settings and engage the DND mode. Then, you need to turn off DND manually. First, you should be able to click on the DND icon to turn it off. When that does not work, you need to go into settings. Once again, it is a good idea to check the information provided for your Fitbit model. 

If you wear your Fitbit all of the time, DND mode is perfect for daytime settings. You may also want to engage it before going into meetings. Your Fitbit vibrating may annoy you when you are doing a presentation. 

Does my Fitbit Still receives notifications in DND mode? You are not going to miss out on any notifications. Your Fitbit still receives notifications. It simply doesn’t alert. 

It is the same as driving mode. When you drive, you may not want to receive notifications. Your notifications are stored on your device. You are not going to lose them. 

Are there any issues with DND mode? It would seem that there have been some issues and problems with DND mode on some Fitbit models. For example, on the Fitbit Charge 4, it is easy to disturb the sleep settings when you turn on the DND mode. 

When you move away from the DND screen, you need to check that the DND icon is showing and not the sleep icon. If it continues to be a problem, you should take your device back. 

What Is Sleep Mode and How To Set It Up? 

Sleep mode is different from DND mode. Unlike DND mode, you can set up a schedule. That way, the sleep mode will come on according to your sleep schedule. 

It works okay, but on occasion, Fitbit seems to have a problem with this function if you have traveled through time zones. When you arrive at your destination, it is best to check that your schedule is okay. Always check that your Fitbit is running on local time. If not, switch it off and leave it off for at least five minutes. Now you can switch it back on, and the function should work just fine. 

When you want to set up a sleep schedule, all you have to do is tap the sleep tile on the dashboard. Once you have done that, tap the moon icon. You can now choose between different options, including bedtime reminders, frequency, and wake-up time. 

Can you turn on DND mode and sleep mode at the same time? Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. 

The two conflict with each other, and you can’t engage them both simultaneously. 

You can turn on sleep mode if you would like to. Go to the settings and turn on sleep mode. You should see the moon icon at the top of the screen when you swipe to check your statistics. 

You should also know that the sleep mode will not impair the sleep tracking mode. As usual, you will wake up with a Sleep Score. Also, the smart wake feature allows waking you up at the proper sleep cycle for a better day.

What Is The Difference Between DND Mode and Sleep Mode? 

The main difference is the scheduling. You can schedule your sleep mode when you decide to wear your Fitbit to bed. 

DND mode is very much a daytime mode. It is the mode that you set when you don’t want to be disturbed. Look out for a one-way traffic sign in the top part of the screen. That is when you know that DND mode is engaged. 

Does my Fitbit still monitor me when it is in DND mode? Yes, it does. 

That means it is the perfect model to opt for when you are in yoga or meditation class. When you do yoga, meditation or tai-chi, you probably don’t want to be disturbed. 

Which is the best mode to use? By all means, you can engage in the DND mode when you want to sleep. It works just fine, but it does not give you any sleep data unless you nap for more than an hour. 

Setting up a schedule is not very difficult. Doing so gets you used to use your Fitbit. 

What Is Fitbit Water Lock Mode? 

Fitbit water lock mode is one of the most important modes on your Fitbit device. If you enjoy water sports, it is essential to turn it on. You should also turn it on if you wear your Fitbit in the shower. The water lock will stop the buttons in your tracker from activating. 

While the water lock is on, your screen and buttons remain locked. Alarms and notifications still appear on your screen. You need to unlock your screen when you want to interact with it. 

Does my tracker still monitor me when the water lock is on? Yes, it does. When going swimming, always remember to turn on your water lock. Your tracker will carry on monitoring your water-based activity.

Can the water lock come off accidentally? Of course, it is not supposed to, but here is the kicker. If you dive from a height, your water lock may disengage. 

This is a common problem with all fitness trackers. The force of hitting the water from a height is too much for any tracker. It does not always happen, but it can do. If you enjoy diving from a height, it is always best to remove your Fitbit. 

Also, to engage and disengage the Water Lock Mode, it is necessary to double-tap firmly on the screen….which is not always easy and can be difficult for some.

Does Fitbit Monitoring My Paddleboarding Activity? 

If you enjoy paddleboarding, you may be asking yourself if your Fitbit can monitor your paddleboard activity. 

There was an app called SUP that you could use. However, there seems to be some controversy linked to this app. From what I can tell, it no longer works with Fitbit. 

You can try engaging in kayaking by logging in manually. This function collects heart rate, speed, total strokes, and distance paddled data.

Don’t forget to put on the water lock when you go paddleboarding. 

Update Your Fitbit

For all of your functions on your Fitbit to work as they should, you must keep on top of your updates. 

Missed updates can cause your Fitbit to malfunction. Ensure that all the latest updates are installed on both the app and your tracker. 

You should also check that they are synchronized. 

In Conclusion

Fitbit can undoubtedly provide you with a lot of valuable data. As a result, you will find that your Fitbit tracker has a lot of functions and modes. 

It will take time to familiarize yourself with all the functions and the different modes. As a result, you may think that some modes and functions are surpluses to requirements. 

At the end of the day, what you do with the information matters. If you are a new Fitbit user and thinking about wearing your Fitbit all of the time, it is essential to know the different modes and how to get them. 

Remember that it can vary from model to model. The Fitbit team is updating the device all of the time. That particularly applies to special modes.