Which Fitbit do I have? Find The Answer Easily

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With technology and its many products like smart devices on the forefront, certain fitness products are steadily taking center stage. Although several companies have come up with their line of products to meet the increasing requirements of the end-user, one brand has been consistent in this regard by coming up with a suite of tools to track your fitness, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and everything in between. 

If you still don’t get what we are talking about, it is the iconic and incredibly famous Fitbit. Fitbit has carved a niche by creating feature-rich and functional products, and their latest Fitbit series seems to be one of the best offerings from the brand. 

But even when you have a Fitbit, how do you know which Fitbit you have? So, if you have often wondered which Fitbit you have, here’s everything you need to know about it. 

How to find out which Fitbit do I have? 

One of the simplest ways to find out the Fitbit you have is by checking the Fitbit app installed on your phone. 

Just select the account option, and you will find the device already paired with your app. However, in case you haven’t paired the Fitbit with the app before, here are some other ways to find an answer to your question. 

Check the model number

This is yet another excellent way to address your question about- ‘which Fitbit do I have. Just take your Fitbit smartwatch and check the back of it. Here you will find the Fitbit model number. In case this doesn’t work, try the following method. 

Check the pictures

This is yet another simple way to find out which Fitbit you are using. Is it Fitbit ionic? Is it Fitbit ace? You again need to head to your Fitbit account option to find the answer. 

Next, look up pictures of the latest models of Fitbit on their website. Once you have the picture, you might want to match your Fitbit model with the one you see in the picture. While this may be time-consuming, it is still a method to figure out what kind of Fitbit smartwatch you’re using. 

What kind of Fitbit should I have? 

Now that you know how exactly to find the Fitbit model number, it’s time to figure out the kind of Fitbit you should own. 

Should you get a Fitbit versa or Fitbit Sense? Does Fitbit Inspire stand out? Of course, but even before you have answers to these questions, you need to consider a couple of factors like your exact requirements, budget, and expected features, among others. 

In the following section, we will answer these questions and more and help you to figure out which Fitbit device you should get right away!


While Fitbits are far from affordable, you will undoubtedly get some Fitbit device that is within your budget. 

Fitbit Inspire 2

Our top option here would be Fitbit Inspire 2 because it is only available at $99. 

What’s more, you get tons of awesome features with this incredible watch. First, it comes with a heart rate monitor that helps track your heart rate in real-time. 

Next, it is incredibly water-resistant by a whopping 50 meters. Finally, it offers a mechanism for tracking your swim and comes with a decent battery life that lasts you ten days. We would also recommend this product if you are starting with fitness tracking. In that case, it will be the best Fitbit that doesn’t just have the good features but also comes at a decent price point. 

When you get this watch, you know about your health details like heart rate and sleep tracking, among other features. The best part: you also get a full 365-day free subscription of the much-coveted Fitbit Premium subscription. 

Fitbit Inspire 2
  • Earn Active Zone Minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity...
  • Track all-day activity: your steps, distance, hourly activity and calories burned.Maximum operating...
  • Use 24x7 heart rate to track resting heart rate & better measure calorie burn
  • Enjoy 10 days of battery life for daily progress without constant charging. Varies with use and...

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Fitbit Ace 3

This is yet another excellent fitness tracking app from Fitbit’s incredible line of products. Like Fitbit Inspire, which is affordable, Fitbit Ace 3 falls under the same category because it is available for only $59. 

Fitbit Ace 3 comes with several new improvements when compared to its predecessors. First, it comes with an in-built heart rate monitor that gives you real-time and accurate metrics. The water resistance is decent by 50 meters, and the display is a quality OLED screen. Even though it doesn’t come with music or Fitbit Pay, the app still lets you track your kids’ swimming sessions and comes with a decent battery life of eight days. 

We also loved the parental controls that the app comes with, and Fitbit Ace 3 aces when it comes to helping parents set small health milestones for their kids. 

The exciting aspect of this Fitbit Ace 3 is simply the fact that your kids can’t access the metrics as adults do. So, they wouldn’t know much about their calorie or health situation. 

The device is simple, small, and compact. In addition to fitness tracking, the best part is that it comes with a bunch of colorful bands that will probably get your kid even more excited about their latest fitness band. 

Fitbit Ace 3
  • Kids spend less time charging and more time moving with up to 8 days of battery (varies with use and...
  • Animated clock faces grow and develop as kids move more throughout the day
  • All-day activity tracking shows how healthy habits add up to a healthier life
  • Help kids form healthy sleep habits with sleep tracking, bedtime reminders and silent alarms
  • Bring on the pool party cannonballs or lunchtime spills​—Fitbit ​Ace 3 is water resistant to...

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Features? Fitbit Pay

Now that you are done checking out the budget FitBit options, it’s time to take a closer look at the Fitbits that support their contactless payment option. 

While you will find sleep tracking, swim tracking, fitness tracking, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and a similar suite of features in several Fitbit apps, not all of them support the payment option. So, if you’re looking for a Fitbit that supports the payment option, you might want to check out Fitbit Charge 4. 

Fitbit Charge 4

This is yet another excellent device that comes with all the basic suite of features along with a built-in GPS. Fitbit Charge 4 also stands ahead of other tracking equipment by adding an entirely new metric to track your overall health. 

Finally, we recommend Fitbit Charge for the unique Fitbit Pay facility that you will not find in all Fitbits. For the uninitiated, this is an entirely contactless payment option that supports the payment in participating locations. You can also integrate the device with Spotify to listen to music on the go. 

We love that the device is incredibly comfortable and that the tracking mechanism is highly accurate. It also came with a decent battery life of 7 days and added facilities to help with sleep tracking. This is specially credited to the SPO2 sensor that gives you real-time warnings about several risk situations like sleep apnea, among others. 

So, if advanced sleep-tracking and Fitbit pay are what you are looking for, you might want to check out Fitbit Charge. 

Fitbit Charge 4
  • Use built-in GPS to see your pace and distance on screen during outdoor runs, rides, hikes and more...
  • With Active Zone Minutes, feel a buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones during exercise,...
  • Get a 90-day free trial of the Fitbit Premium to help you stay active, sleep well and manage stress....
  • Use 24/7 heart rate to track resting heart rate & better measure calorie burn. Syncing to mobile...
  • See your SpO2 nightly average and range on wrist, and view trends over the past week in the Fitbit...

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Waterproof/Splashproof? For swimming or not

Probably the next thing you need to check here is whether your Fitbit is waterproof or not. While the majority of the Fitbits have a decent water resistance of 50 m, you will also find others with higher coverage. 

Fitbit Versa 3

If you are looking for a Fitbit that has it all, this is one of your best bets. This app doesn’t just come with a decent water resistance of 50 meters, but it also acts as an excellent activity tracker that provides all the metrics you need. 

The biggest highlight of this app is perhaps the heart rate monitoring functionality and its super high accuracy. This is especially useful when you are training or performing tedious exercises. In addition, the waterproof mechanism helps you when you are swimming, and the GPS functionality is reasonable, if not the best. 

Another thing we love about this watch is that it gives you complete information about your current active minutes. This way, you are instantly rewarded for the more tedious workouts and took significant time. With that said, this functionality indeed ensures that you meet and exceed your fitness milestones. So, if fitness is on your mind, you might want to check out the Fitbit Versa. 

Finally, we love this Fitbit tracker for its elegant but comfy feel. The watch is extremely slick and because it is integrated with Fitbit Pay, making online payments is easy. 

Fitbit Versa 3
  • Receive a Daily Readiness Score that reveals if you’re ready to exercise or should focus on...
  • Run, bike, hike and more phone-free—and see your real-time pace & distance—with built-in GPS....
  • Active Zone Minutes uses your resting heart rate to gauge exercise effort and gives you a buzz when...
  • Better track heart rate 24/7 with PurePulse 2.0, Fitbit’s enhanced heart rate technology
  • Use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Built-in to get quick news, set bedtime reminders and alarms,...

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For Fashion: Fitbit Luxe

Now that you have checked out the majority of the fitness tracking apps, you are probably looking for some special edition app that gives you the fashionable feel and seamless activity tracking functionalities. This is precisely what Fitbit Luxe does, which is why it is one of the many products from the brand that stands out. 

Fitbit Luxe

While this watch is slightly on the pricier side, it is designed to simplify fitness tracking while also enabling you to be quirky and fashionable as much as you want. 

We loved the AMOLED touchscreen and the specially designed functionalities for swimmers. Fitbit Luxe is both functional and compact, all while fulfilling the fashion quotient, something that you wouldn’t generally expect from a fitness app. 

While this may not be the best Fitbit model, it is still at par with its functional features and a unique design genuinely inspired by jewelry. We love how this fitness tracker does the job without compromising style. 

Fitbit Luxe
  • See how jewelry gets smart with a tracker that doubles as a timeless accessory and features a...
  • Get better sleep to power your days with sleep tracking and sleep Score in the Fitbit app
  • Feel a Buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones, while you earn active zone minutes
  • 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium (New and returning Premium members only. Must activate trial within...
  • Maximize your exercise, understand resting heart rate trends and better estimate calorie burn with...

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For Health? Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Charge 5

The most significant purpose of a fitness tracker is to help track your health. You want a Fitbit smartwatch that gives you a daily readiness score, supports swimming, supports active zone minute tracking, and helps with heart rate monitoring. 

In this category, we have two primary contenders, namely, the Fitbit Sense and the Fitbit Charge. Read on for a brief snippet on the two to determine which one truly stands out. 

Fitbit Sense

With a battery life of 6 days, this app comes with many incredible features like heart rate monitoring and a tracking mechanism to check stress metrics, among others. 

While it is slightly on the higher end when it comes to price, the features outweigh the price and are certainly worth the money. 

To top everything off, you also get a free 180 day Fitbit Premium subscription for free. 

You can integrate this Fitbitinto your Fitbit app for a better insight into how you are sleeping. 

What’s more, you also get a daily readiness score and additional guidelines about performing workouts at home. 

Fitbit Sense
  • EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity which may indicate your body's response to stress and a...
  • Assess your heart for atrial fibrillation –a heart rhythm irregularity- and easily share results...
  • An on-wrist skin temperature sensor tracks yours each night so you can see how it varies. You can...
  • High & low heart rate notifications alert you if yours seems above or below your average.Battery...

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Fitbit Charge 5

Regarding fitness tracking, Fitbit Charge 5 gives tough competition to Fitbit Sense. This is one of the latest fitness trackers from the brand, and as you would probably guess, it is a special edition one. As with Fitbit Sense, it comes with a heart rate monitoring functionality backed by ECG.

The color-screen is touch-friendly, and you can conveniently read them display even in the dimmest or brightest light. Ideal for workouts, this app also offers a Heart rate variability score for your overall fatigue from fitness, both of which collectively give you your Daily readiness score. 

Fitbit Charge 5
  • Fitbit Charge 5 Health and Fitness Smartwatch (Black/Graphite Stainless Steel) - Infinity Band...
  • Stress Management Score
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring
  • Skin Temperature Tracking
  • Health & Wellness Reminders

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Bottom Line

Now that you have checked out some of the best trackers for your fitness tracking choose your Fitbit judiciously. Although we listed some of the top options within your budget, feature range, waterproof capabilities, Fitbit pay, and other metrics, you still might want to check out other Fitbit models to find out what best suits your needs.

You can try the Fitbit ionic, the Fitbit Flex, or any other watch that comes with the feature you need. However, most of the Fitbit watches stand out when it comes to everything related to health. From heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, activity tracking, contactless payments, heart rate variability measuring, this watch has it all. 

They certainly stand much ahead of any Samsung galaxy watch if you compare the features. While the price is undoubtedly higher for some featured watches, others are available within your budget, like Fitbit Ace and Fitbit Inspire. 

Just keep exploring your options and finally get a Fitbit watch that addresses everything you need from a Fitbit model or an activity tracking tool.