Why is my Fitbit not connecting to my Bluetooth? [Easy Fix]

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Have a problem with your Fitbit and Bluetooth not communicating? Although it does happen, it is perhaps not the most common problem when it comes to the latest series of Fitbit offerings. 

Fitbit not pairing with your Bluetooth does happen from time to time. For some reason, the issue is more common with Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Charge series. If you have a new Fitbit, it is important to ensure you have paired it with your Bluetooth. 

Let’s look at the broader issue and find out why my Fitbit is not connecting to my Bluetooth. 

How Do I Connect My Fitbit to Bluetooth? 

When you get your Fitbit home, spend some time getting to know your Fitbit. The first thing you need to do is to set up a Fitbit account. 

Once you have created your Fitbit account, you can connect your Fitbit device. Connecting your device is straightforward to do. 

From your accounts page, simply tap the pair button. The first time, the Bluetooth pairing process may take slightly longer. However, once completed, your Fitbit device should now communicate with your phone or other mobile devices. 

The connection allows for the “syncing” of data. Once both devices have been connected to each other, you can now see the same data on your Fitbit as you can in the Fitbit app on your mobile device or phone. 

Why Won’t My Smartphone Connect with Fitbit? 

Never expect technology to work perfectly. On occasion, the technology works in weird and wonderful ways. Not all troubleshooting steps work all of the time.

When you find your two devices are not communicating via Bluetooth, the first thing to do is reset the connection. Next, go to Settings and find your Bluetooth function. If your Fitbit device is not visible, let your phone search for it. A good idea is to place your Fitbit next to your phone. 

Most smartphones work in the same way and will automatically re-initialize the pairing and Bluetooth connection. However, if you have an iPhone or other iOS device, you may find you have to toggle it off and back on to get it to connect. 

Can I Manually Sync My Fitbit? 

Yes, you can manually resync the Bluetooth and pairing connection. The function you are looking for is found in the system app on your account’s page. 

Hover over the Fitbit icon, and a right-click menu becomes visible. Your Fitbit device should sync automatically when you select the function Sync Now. 

But what if this fails? Don’t worry; there are other things you can do.

How to Reset Your Fitbit

You must not be afraid to reset your Fitbit. Resetting your Fitbit does mean you are going to lose any data. Your data is still available in your Fitbit online account. From time to time, settings can drop out or have problems connecting to Bluetooth. This can happen when you have switched your dedicated phone off for travel or engaged in safe flight mode. You usually get an error message.

Also, if your Fitbit device has not been able to connect with your phone for other reasons, it can happen. Maybe you have participated in a competition or could not take your phone to your exercise class. 

This is how you reset your Fitbit:

  • Using the tracker, swipe across to access your settings. 

  • Find the About Tab in the settings section. 

  • Find the section Factory Reset or Clear User Data. 

  • Select the appropriate function and confirm your decision. 

You now need to pair your Fitbit device once again with your phone. Once you have done so, the data in your online Fitbit account should sync with your device. 

Does it mean you have lost your health and fitness data? No, it doesn’t.

Updating Bluetooth on My Fitbit? 

One of the most common reasons for experiencing problems with your Fitbit connection is because of updates. So before you take any drastic steps, such as doing a Factory Reset on your Fitbit or force quit, you should check for updates. 

If you have just received an update, it can take a while to complete. Make sure you let the Fitbit app run on your phone. It is best not to switch it off as this can cause problems with updates. 

Each time your device syncs with the phone or other mobile device, it should update and download to your Fitbit device. 

Can I Switch My Device Off? 

There is no reason why you can’t switch your device off. This is another easy way to clear any problems you are experiencing with your Bluetooth not connecting to your Fitbit. 

Hold down the back left, and bottom buttons. Once the Fitbit logo becomes visible, you should try updating and resyncing your device. This is another quick fix that appears to work well. 

Fixing Your Bluetooth on Fitbit Charge 2

Many users of Fitbit Charge 2 say that they have to restart their Charge 2 several times to get the Bluetooth to connect when they have experienced a problem. 

When you have restarted your device several times, you could have to do the set-up procedure again. 

Why Is My Fitbit Not Pairing With Bluetooth? 

You may want to check how many devices are already paired with Bluetooth on your phone or mobile device. 

If you have too many Bluetooth connections paired, you may have one too many. Although technically this should not happen, it does seem to happen. 

Open up your Bluetooth settings on your phone or at-home device. It is easy just to hit the pair function and pair too many devices. However, don’t forget that in the eyes of Bluetooth, your sound bar or television is just another device. Therefore, checking your phone’s Bluetooth settings is always essential.

The same thing goes for communication in your car or scooter. Have you paired your phone with other devices and forgotten about them? 

Before you start blaming Fitbit and getting in touch with the Fitbit community, check how many devices you already have paired with your phone. 

Can I Uninstall the Fitbit App On My Phone? 

This is another trick you can try. Go into the app settings on your phone and remove the Fitbit app. 

While you are there, check how many apps you have running. Too many apps can mean some of them “misbehave.” 

According to your phone’s screen, remove the Fitbit app. Before you re-install the app, it is a good idea to switch the phone off and back on again. Before you switch it off, don’t forget to “clean” the phone. 

Leave it off for a few minutes and then restart the phone. You now need to install the Fitbit app again. Once installed, don’t forget to sync the two devices. 

Why Isn’t My Fitbit Showing Up On Bluetooth? 

Silly question, but is it your Fitbit switched on? When dealing with tech, it is easy to forget to check the obvious. So, before you get too technical, check that your Fitbit is switched on. 

The other thing you may want to check is how much juice you have in your Fitbit battery. If your Fitbit is low on charge, it may simply have decided that it does not need some of its functions. 

One of those functions is often the Bluetooth connection with other devices. Next, check the battery, and if it does need charging, let it charge until it is at its maximum capacity. You should never take any lithium battery device off charge until it has reached its maximum capacity. 

If everything is okay, try switching off Bluetooth and turning it back on again on your device or phone. Give it a few minutes to ensure the list is fully “populated.”

Is your device or Fitbit out of range? When you are out of Bluetooth range on one of the two devices, it is clear that you will have a problem. If you suspect this is the problem, put the two devices next to each and let them find each other. 

Do You Have A Versa? 

It would seem that Fitbit Versa has a particular problem with pairing. When you can’t explain why your Versa is not pairing, try switching off the connection to your Versa and your other connected Bluetooth devices. 

Switch off your phone to make sure the connection has been reset. Now, you can start adding your devices back in, starting with Versa. It would seem that Versa likes to be the first to enable or sync with a Bluetooth connection. 

This may depend on what other Bluetooth connections you have on your phone. In particular, Versa does not seem happy to work with other fitness trackers. 

Check the Time

Are your Fitbit and your phone showing the same time? Once again, thanks to satellite technology, this should not happen, but it does. It is a common problem if you have traveled through different time zones. 

For the two devices to talk to each other and share the same Bluetooth connection, they must show the same time. This is another quick fix that many forget to check when it comes to connection problems. 

Final Thoughts on Connecting to Bluetooth

Don’t let this problem take over your life. Finding the problem is often a process of elimination. I have often asked myself why my Fitbit is not connecting to my Bluetooth, only to find the answer staring me in the face. 

Above all, don’t get frustrated – you can fix this. If all else fails, contact the Fitbit support community, and they will help you.