What are the meanings of Fitbit symbols? [What you should know]

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Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches come with numerous symbols that are relatively straightforward to use most of the time. However, some are relatively difficult to understand and can lead to misunderstandings. It is also critical to understand that the symbols can differ from one device to another.
The Chevrons or lighting bolts can be confusing. This article will describe the most common symbols on your Fitbit devices. Note that all devices will not provide all of the activities we describe. Choose the ones you practice regularly, which are included in your device.

Understanding the meanings of the Fitbit Symbols is critical for making the most of your device. Our advice is to check the ones you use more often and to refer to our list or other resources available on the Internet, such as the Fitbit Forum, for the ones that may appear puzzling from time to time. 

We will update our list of the most common Fitbit symbols regularly, so do not hesitate to bookmark this page and consult it regularly if a symbol you have never seen before pops up on your device’s screen.




The daily dashboard that summarizes all the activities and health metrics


For the devices compatible with Fitbit contactless payment


The Do Not Disturb icon that will mute the various notifications


The Sleep special mode that mute the notifications and other settings while sleeping. Check Understanding Your Fitbit Sleep Score

Screen Wake

When activated, the screen will switch on when moving the wrist.

Water Lock

Deactivate the access to your device while swimming or having a shower


The icon to define all of the settings of your device

Quick Settings

The quick settings icon

Low Battery

An important icon that reminds you of the urgent need to charge your device. Check Fitbit Battery: What you should know

No Phone Connection

This icon shows that the Fitbit device can not connect with the phone. Check your bluetooth


Set up the various times


The icon to access the weather at your favorite locations

Hours Slepts

Summarizes the number of hours slepts

Heart Rate

Blood Oxygen Saturation

SpO2 is available for Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 2, and Fitbit Versa 3. Check How to fix your SpO2 reading on your Fitbit? [Solved!]

Hourly Activity

A periodic reminder to stand up and move

Active Minute

The lightning bolt symbolizes at least 10 minutes of activities.

Active Zone Minute

The chevron symbolizes the time spent in the different heart zones.


The shoe shows the number of steps you walked.


Distance covered


Total number of active and passive calories spent.


Number of floors climbed. Check Fitbit Not Counting Floors [Solved]


Track bike activity


Track bootcamp activity

Circuit Training

Track circuit training


Track elliptical activities


Used for track gold activities


While hiking

Interval Workout

To track interval workouts


For Kickboxers

Martial Arts

While practicing martical arts

Outdoor Workout

For various outdoor workout


When practicing pilates


When jogging and running. Will activate the GPS


Stair Climber

While working out on a stair climber


When swimming. Do not forget to activate the water lock setting


When playing tennis


A key setting that will track indoor walking and will deactivate the GPS. Check Does Fitbit Count My Steps On A Treadmill? [Final Answer]


While walking outdoor, will track various vitals, distance and activate the GPS. Check Is Your Fitbit Not Tracking Your Steps? Here is Why and How To Fix It!


While working out weight lifting


For various forms of workout


While practicing Yoga

Start Exercise

To start an exercise

Pause Exercise

To pause an exercise

End Exercise

To end an exercise

Music Volume

To use to control the music


Select your favorite songs or playlist on Deezer


Select your favorite songs or playlist on Spotify


For connecting your Strava and making the most of it.